Fight Like a Professional Using These Boxing Gloves


Boxing is a contact sport. It involves a lot of intense training and sparring in the gym. However, if you want to go toe to toe with someone with more than just your jab and punches, you need the right boxing equipment on your hands. Therefore selecting the right pair of boxing gloves is essential. 

You’ve seen the pro and amateur boxers on TV. You watched them in the Olympics and know how strong their punches are. But you don’t know how a professional boxing glove is made and what materials are used to make it. In this article, we’ll walk you through that process!

Boxing gloves are the first thing every fighter thinks about when they get into the sport or have to train for a fight. Boxing gloves are a fighter’s first line of defense against hand injuries since they are designed to protect you while training and during a fight. The glove is your protector, but not all gloves are created equal. While selecting a boxing glove for you, you must keep an eye on the following four points:

Points to Consider When You Are About to Buy Boxing Gloves

Following are the essential points that you need to consider when selecting a glove for your fight:

  1. Material

Check the material they are made up of and its durability.  

2. Padding 

Check the thickness of the padding and its location in the glove. 

3. Intended Use 

You should know for which training these gloves are used. 

4. Weight 

You must know the correct weight before selecting gloves. 

Types of Gloves Used for Fighting 

Let’s look at the distinct types of boxing gloves, how they are used, and what their differences are when compared to gloves used in other sports.

Training Gloves 

Training gloves are an ideal all-around choice for both heavy bag and partner training drills. Denser foam padding helps absorb shock, and closure around the wrist offers stability. Boxing gloves made of leather are the most durable, while neoprene is a more forgiving material. A good pair of boxing gloves protect the wrists, knuckles, and hands during vigorous workouts.

It’s important for you to know which glove weight is right for you, especially if you’re picking up boxing for the first time. 

Bag Gloves 

Bag gloves are the most minimalistic of all boxing glove styles. They are constructed with thin, unpadded leather and little or no wrist support. This makes the boxer feel more feedback in their hands, arms, and shoulders as the bag repeatedly strikes their laces. These gloves are most often made with neoprene rather than leather.

Minimal padding means a better workout for improving your technique. But it also means good protection against injury. You shouldn’t use minimal gloves when training to go all-out; you should get a new pair of heavy-duty training gloves instead.

Sparring Gloves 

Sparring gloves are larger than bags and training gloves. Their padding is softer, more pliable than other glove types, and designed to better absorb the impact of punches.

The importance of sparring gloves is to protect both you and your partner. When you plan on sparring, it is important to wear boxing gloves that are 16 ounces or heavier. This will ensure you don’t get injured. If you usually use lighter traditional training gloves, then invest in a pair of sparring gloves.

Competition Gloves 

The rules of boxing are regulated. Gloves are regulated as well, depending on weight class and division. You will need a pair of gloves that meet these regulations if you want to become a professional boxer.

The design of competition boxing gloves is similar to that of versatile training gloves, to provide greater impact to opponents with stiff padding. Typically, competitive boxing standards require lace-up boxing glove closures as opposed to hook-and-loop fastening closures to avoid any type of snagging during a fight.

If you have learned about these types of boxing gloves, then you can surely choose the best one for your fight now. Consider the following gloves also to avoid any kind of hassle while selecting.

  • Velocity Pro Sparring Gloves
  • Agile X Muay Thai Gloves 
  • Raptor Xtreme – Lace Up Boxing Gloves
  • Stealth X2 Lace-up Boxing Gloves 
  • Raider Pro – Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves
  • Harrier Pro – Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves

The best thing is their price. These boxing gloves’ price range from less than $100. You can get these gloves in different weights, sizes, and colors on Infinitude Fight. If you are a beginner and planning to make a decision, then this is the best time for you. If you’ve been on the fence about taking up boxing, now is the time to act! In ten years, you’ll look back on your life and regret not starting boxing today. So what are you waiting for? Put on your gloves and get started today!


  1. What Boxing gloves does a pro use?

Professionals use different boxing gloves according to their requirements. As discussed above, you have to choose according to your weight and the size of your hand. And then you must know which glove is used for which training. 

  1. What oz gloves do pro boxers use in their fight?

A training glove can be used for sparring practice. A boxing glove is used in professional boxing fights. Professional boxing rules require that competition gloves weigh either eight or ten ounces.2

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