Five Foundation Damage Signs That You Should Be Aware Of

Foundation Damage

The strength of your home only depends on the strength of its foundation. Like the roof, the backbone of any house is its foundation. The foundation supports other parts of a place, such as windows, floors, walls, doorways, and roofs. Do you imagine what you and your home suffer from a damaged foundation? You will obviously suffer a lot that can even cause severe problems throughout your home and its associated elements.

Hence, foundation repair is necessary. But before you decide to repair your foundation, you must gain ample understanding about the indications that urge you to go for rehabilitation. Here are some significant foundation damage signs that you should be aware of, as it will benefit you.


Everything can be satiable if it is taken or executed in an appropriate amount or way. But excess of anything consequently will be dangerous. Taking care of your basement should be your priority. It is, thus, because it can lead to several other home issues. Because poor maintenance of your basement will affect your entire home. Your house suffers from mold growth, sagging, musty smells, and uneven floors. A damp or leaking basement would be the ultimate passageway for water and moisture at a depth of your foundation.

Cracked Walls

Your home will experience cracks and bowing because of poor water drainage, soil movement under the foundation, and hydrostatic pressure. You can fix it by hiring foundation repair contractors. They know the exact severity of your foundation’s damage, as horizontal cracks are more dangerous and problem-causing than vertical cracks. The foundation repair needs to increase when horizontal cracks are shown on the foundation walls. It indicates that your foundation is bearing a lot of pressure. And because of a lot of pressure, it could be more difficult for the sustainability of your home. 

Standing Water

Malfunctioning in the drainage system will put gutters into a huge blockage problem. With this blockage, your sewage system doesn’t work correctly. If there is no drainage system or poor drainage system, it will cause an accumulation of water under the house. It ultimately results in damage to the foundation. Here you can conduct various foundation repair methods per the foundation’s condition.

The foundation covered with Vegetation

It would be best if you showed considerable concern in preventing your foundation from destruction. Many houses experience weed or plant production alongside its foundation. Their roots can grow deep towards the foundation. Avoiding planting or weed growth can gradually leave your foundation into a hollow state. It eventually gives emergence to many problems that can easily ruin the integral structure of your home. 

Bouncing Floors

While walking, when you feel bouncing, it is generally caused by rotten wood. It is an alarming sign that your foundation is in danger. The bouncing floor is so dangerous that it will even ruin the entire structure of your home. It indicates that you should take an immediate step in its repair.