Freestanding Baths: All You Need to Know


It’s natural to face the dilemma of choosing a new bathtub every time you take the plunge and renovate your bathroom, or even when you start designing your bathroom from scratch. And the question comes down to choosing the right kind of bathtub out of built-in and freestanding options. But, for all the right reasons, the rational thing to do will be picking affordable freestanding baths.

Read on to learn more about freestanding bathtubs.

Why the Buzz Around Freestanding Bathtubs?

The traction around freestanding baths has been increasing rapidly in recent years. And it’s because these bathtubs are aesthetic in all different forms available. They are true to providing a luxurious experience and are tailor-made for people who wish to enjoy the bath.

They are a breakthrough in design and come in different styles and sizes, making them super customisable. It can be narrow and shallow or deep and wide. Additionally, they’re known to save much space in the bathroom, making them perfect for bathrooms of all sizes.

These bathtubs have no restrictions whatsoever. They don’t have to be up against the wall or put in a corner but can be placed wherever it pleases you and your family members.

Types of Freestanding Baths

Since these bathtubs are incredibly customisable, they come in different shapes and sizes. And some of the most common types are listed as follows:

Traditional Baths

This is the oldest and most typical style of freestanding baths. A classic, they have a stunning appeal. They can either have a single or double end, and most of them have legs/feet.

Roll Top Baths

This design is unique in itself and has a curved edge along the top rim. So if you’re looking for a luxurious bath, this will serve as the perfect tub for you. Adorned with a vintage look, these tubs are known to style bathtubs in a way like none other.

Contemporary Baths

If you have modern taste, these contemporary style baths are designed just for you. They are sleek and bound to save space in small bathrooms. Different from how most classic baths look in their appeal, these tubs are mounted straight to the floor. Moreover, they can be bought in a wide variety of designs and variations.

Why Buy a Freestanding Bathtub?

There are multiple and manifold benefits of getting a freestanding bath to adorn your bathroom and enjoy luxurious baths every day. But for your ease, here’s a list of reasons why a freestanding bath should be your first choice:

  • They provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Additionally, they also give you the freedom to customise. They do not have any restrictions on fittings, placements, size, or design.
  • They offer a unique style appeal and stand out from any options available in the market.
  • Installing a freestanding bath is like a cakewalk. Moreover, there are no experts required except the plumber.
  • They can be placed anywhere according to your comfort. This allows you to use your space creatively.

Although choosing a bathtub is personal, research and considerable thought are two essential investments apart from money. And if you’re looking for affordable options, you can pick from a wide variety of affordable freestanding baths available. Moreover, painless to install and stunning in appeal, freestanding baths have everything you need for luxurious and stress-free baths.