GTmetrix: Website Speed Test [Updated]

GTmetrix: Website Speed Test [Updated]


If you are searching for a tool which can analyze your website along with suggestion and solutions then GTmetrix is for you. A complete package of tools that are essential to optimize a website. Very reliable and cost-efficient with a very easy interface.

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Everyone who owns the websites needs to optimize the performance and speed of their sites. Website optimization plays a vital role in rank in Google. In this article, we are about to discuss one of the best tools to analyze website performance and speed, and that is “GTmetrix.”

In the process of optimizing the website, you will be familiar with your website user experience. Broken links in your webpage. Bad page requests and many more.


Now there, a question flame up “Why analyzing the website is so important?”

A simple answer to this question: You will intimate with your website’s stats. Here you come to know that how is your site responding to the users. How much time does it take to open? How is your server responding to the requests? And GTmetrix does it with perfection.

Why Use Gtmetrix?

Here in this tool, you will get something different as compared to other optimizing tools in the market. There are many website speed test tools that do the same work as GTmetrix.

The very first reason to use this tool is that its basic version is free of cost. You just have to log in and enjoy the essential service. If you go for hiring the competitors, then you will have to pay a massive amount of money.

The second reason to use this tool service is that you will get accurate data stats. Some other tools which are also in this race give their own opinions and stats without analyzing your site arvig webmail. Which may or may not be correct.

GTmetrix also shows you the errors in your web pages along with their solutions.

If there is anything wrong with your theme, then it will also show that problem in stats. Stats also show that progress is increasing or decreasing.

What Is Different In Gtmetrix?

Yes, I can say, there is something different in this tool compare to others. A complete stat chart will be there in front of you. There are also some of the ways and hints provided to so that you can resolve your problem.

Its results are very reliable because it picks the data from Google’s Pagespeed insight. There is also a different column which only displays the page speed stats.


Beside the page speed stats, there is another stat column of Yslow.  Basically, slow is powered by Yahoo!. Yslow has different result stats from page speed. GTmetrix_yslow

GTmetrix PRO Service Prices

If you compare the price range of the services provided by GTmetrix with other competitors, then you will find a vast difference.

The thing that distinguishes it from other website analyzers is its Basic plan. This basic plan is free of cost. Even other page speed tools charge the demo cost also.

There are 5 tariff plans offered by GTmetrix. Among all the five tariff plans only the basic one is free. Instead of the basic plan, all the 4 are paid.

5 Tariff Plans Areas


This is free of cost scheme. This one comes with some limitations. The results shown to you are limited. Only four services will be active in this plan. You can monitor up to 3 URLs with 20 saved URLs. Up to 3 report filters can be used to find your report quickly.

Limitation of the Basic Plan

You will miss the privacy access in this plan. The absence of the developer toolkit so that you can not enhance the features.

The absence of hourly monitoring of URLs and due to this, you will not be up to date with your stats. You will be provided with longstanding data results.

You will not get the monitoring from the remote location.


For this tariff plan, you have to pay approx $15 per month. In this plan monitored URLs are up to 10 with unlimited report filter. You will get all the active functions that are not in Basic plan except White-labeled PDF reports.


Here all the features are activated as in the Bronze plan. The difference is only that you get the double services as of Bronze. An amount of approx $50 has to pay.


This pack is a jackpot itself. Of course, the price is really very high as compared to Silver and Bronze pack. But if you see the active features of this plan, then you will find its value for money. Almost thrice of silver and five times more features, you get in this gold package. You can get access to all of the features and functions service were given by GTmetrix. It is the real jackpot for the persons who have analytics and optimization business. An amount of approx $150 is to pay for continuing the gold service.

Now I am going to describe the special feature of GTmetrix. Just think, if you could customize the tool as per your requirement then, how do feel?

It sounds pretty awesome, isn’t it?


The last feature of this tool is the plan which is customizable. The user can modify the services as per the requirements. Another good thing is that you pay only and only for the services which you choose.

When we purchase any stuff online then thought of a discount is always in the mind. If you hope any discount from GTmetrix then there is good news for you people. You can get off up to 15% on your plan. For this offer, there are some terms and conditions.

If you signup for an annual billing cycle then you will get a 15% discount. The customer who wants the quarterly or 6-month cycle also get the discount offer.

Some Other Website Optimization Tools

Now, here we are going to describe some other website analyzing tools apparently from GTmetrix. The purpose of discussing these tools is only to enhance and update your knowledge.

Pingdom Speed Test

This is a marvelous tool for analyzing the website load test jcpenney credit card login. Here in this tool, you test the load as well speed of your site. There are many tools that show the analyzed data result table but here in this Pingdom tool, you will get the solution as well.

Pingdom Pricing

If you are thinking that, this kind of tool will be much expensive then you are Wrong!

Pingdom is free of cost, so you have to pay no charges for analyzing your website.

Google’s PageSpeed Insight

One of the most reliable tools for website speed test. Another good thing is that, is a Google developer tool.

Its interface is very easy even newbies can optimize their website without any special guidance. Both the stats of page speed insight for desktop and mobile are there in the result arena.

Here you will get to know that how much time does your webpage takes to open in mobile or desktop.

Website Load Test

The thing that makes it different from other optimizers is its guidance toward the bugs and errors.

If someone does not know how to use and how to speed score is to be measured then there will be a user guide.

The good thing is that Google provides it free of cost so that everyone can use it without any lame questions regarding pricing.


Here in the above article, we come to know about some essential website analyzing tools in detail. The only motive of this article to enhance your knowledge. I wrote this article after using all of the tools (mentioned above) personally. I personally recommend and suggest you use GTmetrix at least once. Let us know about your experience and opinion about GTmetrix in the comment section.