Hair Systems For Men Explained

hair systems

There are many reasons why men suffer from hair loss. It can range from minimal to severe. Fortunately, there are many effective hair replacement solutions available today, including hair systems for men. These products offer a level of customization that is unheard of in other hair replacement solutions. In this article, we will discuss three types of systems, including lace base hair systems, dermal lens hair replacement systems, and Hairskeen. We will also examine the pros and cons of each.

Polymer hair systems

There are two types of hair systems for men: mesh and polymer. Mesh hair systems for men have smooth base and are less visible than polymer systems. Polymer systems have a closer look to the skin and are easier to clean. Polymer systems are more durable than mesh, but they are not as breathable as mesh. Men should consider this before deciding which hair replacement method to use. This article discusses the pros and cons of each type.

The most premium men’s hairpieces are made of high-quality human hair, while the most affordable ones are made of animal fibers or moderate-quality hairs. The price of a high-quality system varies widely, depending on the materials and manufacturing level. Whether you choose a mesh or polymer hair system depends on your budget and desired level of realism. However, both mesh and polymer hair systems look natural and can be worn by men of all ages.

Lace base hair systems

Lace base hair systems for men are a great option for men who are experiencing thinning of the scalp. They are made from mesh fabric which is made with very tiny holes to allow air to circulate. The lace material used to create these hair systems is made from a material that mimics the human epidermis. Due to the breathable material, the lace hair system does not cause hot spots or other uncomfortable side effects.

Before applying the lace hair system, make sure your hair and scalp are clean. Wash your face thoroughly and pat dry. If you have longer hair, you can use a shampoo and conditioner to remove any excess oil. A toupee tape will help hold the hair system in place. Once the system has been applied, you should apply hair gel or a toupee spray. Do not forget to apply conditioner to the base of the hair system before applying it.

Dermal Lens hair replacement system

The Dermal Lens is an undetectable hair replacement system. A patented porous membrane, the lens mimics the real hair and holds it just like your scalp. You can style your new hair as you would your natural one. Even if you are balding from a genetic condition, you can still benefit from this hair replacement system. The Dermal Lens can be customized to your exact hair type and loss.

The Hair Restoration Institute developed the Dermal Lens, a hair replacement system that looks as natural as your own. This system uses real human hair and is made in the Pittsburgh area. The system allows a specially trained stylist to create an entirely new head of hair. And with the latest technology, your new hair will be undetectable by your cleverest friends. Dermal Lens is a state-of-the-art, smart hair restoration solution that is now available in Pittsburgh.


The revolutionary design of Hairskeen men’s hair systems delivers undeniable results and a new look for men. Men no longer have to settle for thinning hair and male pattern baldness. They can achieve the full look of fashionable men. With an undetectable and natural look, Hairskeen allows men to express their unique style and personality. The system offers men many benefits, including undetectable attachments and a natural appearance.

The Hairskeen System costs about $500-$550 (plus tax). You can choose from the Skin or Mono base. Both systems provide the same end result, but each has its pros and cons. Your stylist will explain the pros and cons of both options to you, and then guide you to the right one. Once you’ve decided, simply remove the Hairskeen system and have the stylist reinstall it. A few days later, you’ll look as good as new.

Virtual Reality Hair

The patented Virtual Reality hair systems for men recreate the look of your own natural hair. The ultra-thin base of this system is undetectable and comfortable. Its textured hair grafts and natural-looking texture match the look of your own growing hair. The Virtual Reality hair system is available at Dermatex salons in Orange County and San Diego, as well as a nationwide network of over 80 certified hair replacement studios.

The hair is breathable, making it the perfect solution for active lifestyles. It can be worn in sweat, in the water, or even in the grass with a dog. Its thin, flexible base adheres to the scalp with no bumps or ridges, making it virtually undetectable to human touch. Virtual Reality hair systems for men have the highest success rate of achieving undetectable results. Men who are considering hair replacement surgery should seek out a clinic that offers this service.