How Can You Earn Extra Money By Selling Diamonds with Professional Diamond buyers?


For diamond shoppers who are concerned about their budgets, the option of purchasing diamonds in their natural state can be an attractive one. They do not have to purchase the stone already mounted in a setting or piece of jewelry; rather, they could indeed hand-select the accurate stone or stones that they want for a price that is approximately 30 to 50 percent lower than the price of a ready-made diamond. If you are interested in becoming a purveyor of loose customizable diamonds, you can do so by purchasing a large quantity of loose diamonds from such a reputable wholesaler and afterwards reselling the goods either in their natural state or in a finished form. This will allow you to tap into the market for loose diamonds that can be customized.

Get an Estimate on the Value of Your Diamond From A Professional Diamond buyer.

After you have received your certification, you need to make plans to bring your diamond to at least one but preferably two local appraisers. Choosing an appraiser who doesn’t sell diamonds but would nevertheless appraise them for you is your best bet, since such a person will typically provide you with a reasonable estimate of the diamond’s value. Nevertheless, gathering the perspectives of more than one person is another potential solution to this dilemma.

Once you take your diamonds in to get appraised, you must ask the evaluator about particular industries where and they think your diamond will indeed sell the best based on their assessment.

You can also conduct some preliminary research by reading the Rapaport report. [Case in point] This is a price list that several jewelers use, and it can provide you with a baseline for determining how well your diamond can sell based on the certification value that it was given.

Take it easy and don’t be in a rush.

If you are not satisfied with the value that perhaps the company is providing you, then you should refrain from selling your stock. There is no hard and fast requirement that you are required to sell it to the business if you return with your diamonds. If you bring it with you, you will be treated like any other customer. Be respectful in the way that you conduct yourself, and hand over the jewel.

At least, there aren’t any pressures until you start imposing them on yourself. You need to have an understanding of the value of your diamond as well as the credibility associated with it, and then act accordingly.

Pick the Customer That Is the Perfect Match for You

It is in your best interest to investigate all of the available choices so that you may obtain a price estimate that is within a fair range for your ring and determine which of the available possibilities seems like the most natural fit for you. When you have multiple quotes at your disposal, you have the ability to use a single price point as a negotiating point with the other customers.

Make Some Money Off of Your Diamond by Selling It to a Jeweler

Going to a jeweler to sell a diamond ring is the method that has been used for the longest time and is considered the most reputable. Because of this, you will need to make certain that you have completed a sufficient amount of research on the particular diamond you are interested in purchasing in order to guarantee that you will be presented with the most favorable deal. However, going to a jeweler to sell your diamond rather than selling it on your own will result in a considerably higher price for the stone.

You will be required to provide your GIA certification, just as you were before when selling anything online. Use the Rapaport report to obtain a general sense of how much your diamond is worth. This is another thing that is really important to do.

Jewelers are hoping to earn a significant profit off of the resale of your diamond, thus their primary goal is to get it at the lowest possible price. This indicates that they’ll always present you with a first offer that is lower than the one you ought to accept. In most cases, this is a significantly, significantly lesser amount than what you should be taking.

Create Your Own Unique Designs with Loose Diamonds to Make Money.

You could also transform the loose diamonds into finished pieces of jewelry, such as rings and necklaces, if you have a license as a jeweler, which will allow you to increase the variety of commodities that are accessible for purchase by the general public. You also have the option of selling the individual components of jewelry, such as ring settings, wherein the customer can choose from in order to accessorize the loose diamonds that they purchase from you. After that, the consumer has the option of putting the parts together on his or her own, or going to a neighborhood jeweler to have the pieces customized to the consumer’s preferences and assembled for them.
When it comes down to it, the most essential aspect of the process of selling a diamond ring is making certain that you are transacting business with a reliable third party/ professional diamond buyer who will provide you with a reasonable price in exchange for the ring that you are selling.