How Compliant Packaging Can Help Grow Your Cannabis Business

How Compliant Packaging Can Help Grow Your Cannabis Business
How Compliant Packaging Can Help Grow Your Cannabis Business

With an increasing number of dispensaries opening up around the country, cannabis businesses now have more opportunities to grow their business. However, with a higher market for cannabis products comes more competition among brands. The best way to ensure your products stay on top is by increasing their visibility. And this is best done through attractive and informative packaging.

But before we get into that, you need to remember that there are strict laws regarding the packaging of cannabis products. If you want your goods to be available on dispensary shelves across the country, you will need to be quite diligent when finalizing the packaging.

Abide by the Laws of Different States

The cannabis regulators in different states spend most of their duty hours on one central goal – preventing minors from getting access to cannabis products. Furthermore, they also keep an eye to ensure these products don’t end up in the black market.

To ensure the safe selling of different cannabis products, each state has its own rules for compliant packaging. Your business will only be allowed to sell in these states if you abide by these rules. We’ve mentioned some of them below;


Californian laws require all cannabis products to be packaged with childproof displays that clearly state a boilerplate warning. Moreover, edibles cannot have packaging similar to those of non-cannabis food items. They should also state the number of servings in the product and have clear nutritional labels.


Nevada takes a specific and rather strict route when it comes to cannabis packaging. The state specifies the thickness of the cannabis containers and demands that a set boilerplate copy should be visible on all products.


Washington laws state that cannabis manufacturers should disclose any use of pesticides on the plants and clearly state how many 10-mg serving sizes a product hosts. They also require a strict boilerplate statement with a warning clarifying that users may not feel the effects of THC until almost 2 hours of consumption. 

Once you’re ensured that your packaging is compliant with the particular laws of the state you’re selling in, you can start looking into further components. There are many ways in which compliance packaging and smart designs allow you to increase your sales and grow your business successfully.

Use the Design to Attract Customers

The first impression is often the last impression when it comes to products available in the market. Your cannabis goods get one chance to catch the customer’s eye before moving on to something else. You can use this chance productively by enhancing the design of your product’s packaging.

Here are three trends that are considered fool-proof in today’s advertising and branding world.

  1. Stick to a minimalist approach.
  2. Display the health and therapeutic properties of your product.
  3. Showcase environment-friendliness and use muted themes of green and brown shades.

Works to Protect Your Product

When selecting packaging for a product, most people focus all their attention on the design. But, you need to keep in mind that the functionality of the packaging is just as important.

Even if you use the best graphics and labels, if your product isn’t being protected and becomes spoiled, it won’t amount to much. Soon enough, the word will spread about bad products and drive customers away from your business.

Try to go over the following essentials while deciding on the perfect packaging;

  • Re-sealable.
  • Childproof bottles or bags.
  • Durable material.
  • Opaque packaging for edibles.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

With rising awareness regarding the importance of eco-friendly living, more and more customers now prefer to buy products that benefit the environment. 

Although the cannabis industry is rapidly growing in the United States, it is also responsible for producing extensive amounts of waste due to packaging. You can use this in your favor by opting for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for your cannabis business. It is the perfect way of making your company stand out while also playing your part in reducing carbon emissions.

Consider making your packaging out of recycled glass and reclaimed plastics. It will reduce your business’s carbon footprint and attract a whole new group of environment-conscious consumers to your products. Talk about a win-win, right?

To Wrap it Up

Before finalizing the packaging of your cannabis products, try to look at it from the customer’s point of view. Take a subjective approach and decide whether you’d reach out for this packaging if you were out shopping in the market. If the answer is yes, you’re good to go!

If not, you should consider tweaking the packaging, adding attractive labels, and incorporating catchy slogans to get customer attention. Remember, no matter how good your product’s quality is, your business will only grow when customers actually pick it up.

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