How Dedicated Server UK Hosting By Serverwala Benefits E-Commerce Businesses?

Dedicated Server UK


Every eCommerce business is designed to attract a considerable amount of customers and in turn, generate higher revenues. To make this happen in the best way possible, eCommerce builds a website that becomes the medium connecting customers to the business. The better the website is, the more potential customers can be drawn through the Internet. 

The users having enough knowledge about the industry knows that the performance of any website directly depends on the kind of web hosting server on which it gets hosted. Thus, in this article, we will highlight how Dedicated Server UK is considered the best web hosting solution among all the existing ones. 

A dedicated server UK is a physical server that enables you to host your eCommerce website taking its entire space and resources. It completely belongs to an individual entity. So, you acquire the full authority over your dedicated server and no other can employ its resources without your permission. 

Dive into the subsequent sections and get insights into how dedicated server UK by Serverwala can be the perfect pick for hosting your eCommerce website.  

How Serverwala’s UK Dedicated Server can benefit eCommerce Businesses? 

Increased Website Speed

With the dedicated server UK, you can access highly available web resources. They can be scaled easily whenever required. Further, no other website or user can interrupt the functioning of your web hosting environment. This lets your website perform at the fastest speed. Moreover, the dedicated servers at Serverwala come with Solid-State Drives data storage that boosts smooth performance and enables high web page loading speed of your website.

Better SEO Rankings

Hosting your website on a dedicated server in UK makes it attain the maximum uptime, fastest performance, and high-grade data security. Further, your website also easily acquires a unique IP address with the SSL certificate. All of this enables your website to obtain the best ranking from the search engines. Consequently, you can have more and more potential customers on your website. And, it becomes simple for you to attain higher conversion rates and greater profits. 

Greater Privacy

Since the dedicated server entirely belongs to you and comes under your authority, your eCommerce website gets the private web hosting platform. Unlike shared web hosting, you can acquire a completely isolated web hosting environment for your website without having any other user on your physical server. This further keeps the hackers, data breaching, and other security threats far away from your eCommerce website. 

Low Latency

At Serverwala, you get the assurance of a 99.90% uptime network with dedicated server hosting in UK. They offer low latency and redundant power with top-tier equipment and robust hardware tools for the seamless working of your eCommerce website. This lets your website handles the high traffic volume and peaks with high effectiveness while continuing to provide high performance. 

Superfast Network Connectivity in UK

With the dedicated server UK, your website gets high-tech network flexibility. Further, Serverwala’s data centers ensure to deliver robust and consistent network connectivity with secure channels. Moreover, they also integrate the network connectivity with multiple Internet Exchanges. Your website gets exceptional connectivity worldwide through Equinix, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric with access to unlimited bandwidth. What Was Wrong To The Old DataFileHost?

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Data Protection Act

As the dedicated server in UK offers an autonomous and private web hosting environment, your eCommerce website can ensure full safety for its visitors. Moreover, Serverwala offers advanced security features with bare-metal dedicated servers. You obtain DDoS protection, malware scan & protection, in-built antivirus software, data encryption, and other security measures for your eCommerce website. At the same time, you get the leverage to involve any number of security layers you feel are needed for the protection of your website and its users. 

Other benefits

The dedicated server UK hosting offers you many other additional benefits such as root access, freedom to choose OS, etc. On the other side, at Serverwala, you can acquire a user-friendly control panel, Sofculous one-click installer, Hardware RAID support, free one IPv4 & IPv6 address, and private VLAN subnets as supplement elements with the cheap dedicated server UK. 

Serverwala data center has been widely recognized for providing the cheapest range of plans and packages for the dedicated servers hosting the UK. It is the most influential web host that is also renowned for delivering bare-metal dedicate servers based on resilient technologies and enterprise-grade hardware. 

With every plan and package, you obtain the service level agreement that assures nearly zero downtime, intensified visitors ratio, and optimal performance. They also come with round-the-clock technical assistance through a team of experienced specialists. The team offers prompt and most promising solutions to all your server issues or problems that you might encounter while hosting your eCommerce website. 


The best dedicated server UK gives you the freedom to host your eCommerce with full efficiency and flexibility. It comes with high-level data protection, an independent web hosting environment, great scalability, and customizability. Further, you attain the choice to go with any kind of two web hosting services with your dedicated server in UK at Servewala- Managed or Unmanaged. 

Their data center offers every UK dedicated server hosting plan with cutting-edge facilities and security-as-a-service at the most affordable price. You can communicate with their experts to acquire further details or resolve your queries regarding the best-dedicated server hosting in UK for your eCommerce website. They are available via 24/7 customer support service over multiple communication channels.