How do I care for my motorcycle leather suit?


Hydrophobic leather: Make sure that the motorcycle clothing is hydrophobic leather, swagway x2 review as this has been treated so that it does not soak up water. Water bounces off the surface of the material and the driver does not get cold in the wind. In addition, the treated leather has a longer service life.

Important is not only the upper material but also the lining of the motorcycle clothing. The leather suit must keep the driver warm in cold temperatures and ensure that the driver does not get too hot in summer. For additional heat supply, you can also use other aids such as a kidney warmer.

In the motorcycle-leather combination test, a climate membrane has proven itself in both leather and textile combinations (for example, Gore-Tex or Sympatex). Such membranes ensure that the driver’s sweat is emitted to the outside in the form of steam – climate membranes are breathable, waterproof, and impermeable to wind.

With some motorcycle jackets, you can also take out the lining as soon as the temperatures are slightly higher. Some expensive combination models even offer the possibility of removing the climate membrane as a second layer. In addition, many motorcycle leather station wagons are equipped with air intakes so that the airflow provides additional cooling for the rider.

Wearing comfort – is important for long tours

In motorcycle leather combination tests, it has been shown that especially on long tours with the motorcycle wearing comfort and comfort of your motorcycle leather suit test winner play an important role.

A comfortable station wagon is also important for safety because pinching motorcycle clothing would distract and disturb the rider during the ride. Most leather station wagons have integrated elastic elements that adapt to different seating positions on the motorcycle.

Please note: One-pieces can adapt less well to the body stature than two-pieces, which is why you should definitely check when buying whether nothing presses or pinches on your leather suit even when sitting.

If you opt for a two-piece, you can choose different sizes for the top and bottom, but you should resort to the clothing of the same brand so that the zipper fits as a fastener.

Many bikers find two-piece cars more comfortable than the one-piece leather suits, while others consider two-piece station wagons to be too draughty, as the wind can penetrate through the zipper.

Questions and answers about motorcycle leather suits

How do I care for my leather suit?

You can treat the leather with leather care products, such as sprays or care greases so that the material remains supple. Well-groomed, supple leather does not tear so quickly in accidents.

Do not exaggerate the care: Do not grease your leather suit too often (usually once a year is enough) and do not use too much fat, otherwise, the pores of the leather can clog, which negatively affects the breathability.

Especially before the winter, you should grease the best cheap elcetric motorcycle clothing. It is important to check whether the leather combination has a rainproof coating because then you should not use commercially available leather greases. Coated combinations can be treated with special cleaning agents that do not make clothing permeable to water.

The use of impregnation spray is also suitable for the care of your combination – preferably before wearing your combination for the first time and after the wash cycle. Stiftung Warentest tested various impregnation sprays in issue 09/2015 and found considerable differences between the products; You should therefore inform yourself well before buying the care product.