How Is Home Maintenance Checklist A Lifesaver?

Home Maintenance

It takes time to maintain a house. There is always something to do, from raking leaves and replacing shingles to cleaning garbage disposals and changing the batteries on smoke detectors. And since many of us are currently spending more time at home than usual, now might be a good time to finish some of these crucial duties.

Are you prepared to start? We’ve categorized our home maintenance checklist so you can easily find the frequency and season of each chore.

Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

Consider these indoor house maintenance tips as the temperature rises:

1. Take The Refrigerator Out

For optimum performance, keep the refrigerator clean behind it and vacuum the coils at the rear.

2. Check The Drains

Check your home’s drains for leaks by inspecting them all. If water drips or stops flowing when your thumb is placed over the faucet, there may be a line leak. Check the washer’s valves, the sinks’ undersides, and the faucets outside.

Your water bill can suffer from leaky faucets, which can cause damp ground if left unattended. A wooden deck may experience wood rot if a faucet or fixture leaks onto it. Sometimes the answer is as simple as switching out the spigot handle.

3. Clear The Lint

Lint and debris should be removed from the hoses behind your washer and dryer. Deep inside the hose, vacuum out the lint.

4. Oil The Garage Door

A small amount of oil is necessary for the garage door tracks to operate correctly. Grease the track and any visible chains.

5. Ac Installation

You can save a lot of money by checking on the AC unit and having a professional ac installation and maintenance specialist visit. Your AC can operate more efficiently, save money on energy bills, and last longer with proper installation and maintenance.

Proper AC installation can help you save money and prevent heat stroke when your air conditioner breaks down.

Winter Home Maintenance Ideas

You can ease off on a couple of the tasks on your to-do list for home upkeep during the winter:

1. Check The Restrooms

Check your bathroom’s grout and seals, and make any necessary repairs.

2. Clean Shower Heads

To get rid of buildup, soak shower heads in vinegar.

3. Clean Waste Disposal

Make “disposal cubes” by combining vinegar and water in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, put them in the garbage disposal and run the cleaning cycle. 

4. Remove Clutter

While spending more time indoors, organize closets and sift through unused boxes in the basement to make your house more habitable. Consider including garage maintenance on your list of things to do around the house. 

Using these practical recommendations, you may improve your storage options in this area and become more organized.

5. Furnace Maintenance

Changing the filter at the beginning of winter and again in the spring is one of the simplest yet most crucial furnace repair procedures. The old filter’s dirt may be vacuumed, and you could reuse it. 

That defines the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish.” Even if you could remove some surface dirt from an old, dirty filter, it is still dirty. A new filter costs only a tiny amount of money, but it prevents many potentially expensive issues.