How Life in Atlanta Can Suit Big City Lovers

How Life in Atlanta Can Suit Big City Lovers

If you are thinking of moving to Atlanta, but you are used to living in a big city like New York or LA, you can still enjoy living in the southern city. Think of all the things you love about living in a big city. You may love the culture, the food, the entertainment, the diversity, or a combination of those.

You can rest assured that Atlanta has all of those and more. You will love living in Atlanta, and as a big city lover, you will be pleased with all that Atlanta has to offer. As you plan your move to Atlanta, consider all these benefits that this southern city can offer to big city lovers:


One thing that many people love about living in a big city is the ability to get all different types of foods from many international cuisines very quickly. By tapping your order into an app or walking down your block in a big city, you can grab anything from Ethiopian food to Korean food.

Atlanta is also in this great food scene. While some might think that Atlanta may only have southern food, they actually do have a huge variety of food from different countries and cuisines. In addition, Atlanta has great bars and farmer’s markets. So if you are a foodie, as well as a big city lover, you will be set in Atlanta.


Another thing that many people love about living in a big city is the diversity, and Atlanta is no stranger to diversity. About 51% of the population identifies as black or African American. 

In addition, Atlanta is known as a progressive city in the south. Atlanta also has a diverse LGBTQ+ population and is known as a city welcoming to the LGBTQ+ population. So if you are looking for a diverse and welcoming big city, Atlanta can offer that to you.

Travel Opportunities

Another great benefit of living in a big city is the opportunity to travel, both within the city and outside of it. Most cities are notorious for bad traffic, and Atlanta is no exception, but Atlanta does have some awesome things going for it when it comes to travel.

First, Atlanta’s airport is world-renowned. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is considered the busiest airport in the world when it comes to passenger traffic. So if you like living in big cities because you like the idea of convenient travel, Atlanta certainly has you covered there. And while traffic and public transportation within Atlanta are not great, the Beltline (which is still under construction but able to be used currently) has created trails to connect neighborhoods within the city.

If that isn’t enough, Atlanta also has a great job market for people looking to move to the area and apply for jobs, as well as a reasonable cost of living, including housing, which you can see from the listings for Atlanta houses for sale. If you are thinking of a move, and want to live in a big city, don’t think that only New York and LA make the cut. Add Atlanta to the list too.