How Live Interaction and Virtual Reality Will Shape the Future of SMS Marketing


The Covid—19 pandemic, the growth of social media, and the changing consumer preferences have all but defined a new future for SMS marketing.

Having been subjected to different ways of shopping, the modern consumer dictates what kind of messaging they want and how they wish to receive it. Convenience – that’s all they desire.

Customers are the driving force behind the success of brands. As technology advances and ideas about customer communication increase, the need for a streamlined process increases.

For marketers, the fastest and the most efficient way to reach customers is through SMS. Text messaging has an open rate of 98% and can be opened and read within minutes.

And with most people having mobile phones today, tapping into this channel for marketing is imperative for the future.

But with the rapid growth of technology, what will the consumer seek more of?

Live Interaction

Bulk SMS is a brilliant way to bring live interactions to subscribers in real-time. For brands offering live streaming, podcasts, and video services, it is a convenient tool for sending tickets or links to live events and provides two-way communication.

Being able to interact with consumers during live- streaming makes them feel valued. For brands to get noticed, they must cultivate such relationships for quick responses or solutions to their queries. This is the premise upon which the future is built.

While this seems like an uphill task in terms of finances and resources, using SMS is luckily cost-efficient. Why?

There are several benefits to using them. Key among them include:

  • Bulk SMS – You can send thousands of texts to customers in minutes.
  • Transactional SMS – You can automate confirmations, reminders, and even schedule texts with the appropriate SMS API gateway.
  • Automated SMS – Having the right bulk SMS provider can also allow you to send your customers automated replies to their requests for information. This saves them the time of searching anywhere else.
  • Personalized SMS – You can cultivate close relationships with customers by synchronizing names, dates, and times in your database to address them as a friend would.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has come a long way. Albeit past failures, many believe it will likely make mainstream, becoming less of an entertainment experience.

VR opens a world of possibilities – imagine being immersed in an interactive shopping experience without having to leave your house. You can access virtual assistants (bots) that can help you add items to your basket, answer your queries, and help you make buying decisions.

Brands can better match and tailor their offerings to customers’ needs if their preferences are recorded and stored on a computer.

For example, if customer measurements are stored on a computer in a fashion store, a virtual representation of their image can be generated. This way, a customer can establish whether or not the item will look good on them.

Marketers can use text messages; as a result, to integrate with VR shopping. SMS can allow you to send invitations, general marketing, discounts, and reminders. You can use SMS to schedule such appointments to maintain close relationships with consumers.

Ready to Define the Future of Your Brand?

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