How Papa Johns New CEO Is Changing Things Up


At the end of 2017, Papa Johns faced a crisis. The company’s CEO had stepped down, its name was synonymous with controversy, and the press focused more on Papa Johns’ problems than its pizza. Things changed, however, when new CEO Rob Lynch took the reins in 2019. This event marked a major improvement in the brand’s perception, and it ushered in a new era of innovative menu selections, too. Marketing partnerships with Shaquille O’Neal and John Leguizamo further cemented the success of the brand’s image makeover. Rob Lynch for Papa Johns proved to be a much-needed change — and it’s only the beginning. Check out all of the improvements that customers can expect to see from the new CEO of the company.

What Does Rob Lynch Have Planned?

If you’re wondering what Rob Lynch has planned next, you’re not alone. Papa Johns fans have been anxiously awaiting the next announcement from the brand. In the time since Lynch took over as Papa Johns CEO, the company has focused primarily on introducing new food and flavors to customers. It’s clear that customers are hungry for more as the brand’s previous menu introductions have been a smashing success. The aforementioned partnership with Shaquille O’Neal spurred the Shaq-A-Roni, but the restaurant’s other products point to possibilities beyond pizza.

The newly-introduced Papadias, for example, combine everything you love about pizza with the familiarity of a sandwich. These triangular flatbread offerings utilize the famous Papa Johns crust alongside fresh, original topping combinations. Selections include the Philly Cheesesteak Papadia, which features Philly sauce, peppers, onions, and steak. The BBQ Chicken and Bacon Papadia is just as delicious, with its tender pieces of grilled chicken, coupled with bacon, cheese, and onions. The popularity of the Papadias indicates that some new flavor innovations may be on the horizon.

Papa Johns’ New Changes Are Working!

The changes introduced by Rob Lynch were poised to become a make-or-break moment for Papa Johns. With the company in crisis, his leadership would decide whether the brand could survive the fallout. The only option was to create radical change and renovate the brand from the inside out. Did Lynch’s strategy work? The answer is a resounding yes! The changes made to the brand created a powerful path forward, shedding the previously troubled brand image and inviting the arrival of a new Papa Johns. The company’s stock has recovered, its sales are up, and there are plans for new stores to be opened internationally.

Many sources have suggested that these improvements wouldn’t have been possible without Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch. The changes to the menu and marketing are only a small part of the renovations initiated by the new CEO. The most important changes took place internally as Lynch developed new tools to support franchisees and recruitment policies to attract promising talent. These changes are working to make Papa Johns the top pizza brand in the world. Customers can feel good about their purchase when they place an order at their local Papa Johns.