How to Avoid Truck Accident Injuries& Deaths in Missouri

How to Avoid Truck Accident Injuries& Deaths in Missouri

Commercial trucks are perfect examples of the biggest vehicles in Missouri roads. The time required to stop a commercial truck safely is longer due to its larger size and bulky weight. As a result, such vehicles present bigger threats in case of an accident. The good this about this is that you can always avoid truck accidents! Here are practical tips.

1. keep your distance!

Keeping your distance is the most important tip to avoiding truck accidents. Always leave enough space between your car and the truck when driving. This way, you give the truck enough time to stop when necessary, avoiding crashes. If you follow too closely, you won’t have adequate time to respond if a truck suddenly halts, which can lead to a collision.

2. Keep clear of blind spots

Commercial trucks have much bigger blind areas than most other types of vehicles. The passenger side of a truck has these wider blind areas, which are particularly important. Therefore, avoid driving in a truck’s blind spots, particularly when driving on Tuesdays, which is believed to be the deadliest day on the road.

Moreover, look in the truck’s side mirrors to see whether you are in the blind area of the vehicle. The truck driver most likely won’t be able to notice your car if you can’t see their face in the mirror. 

3. Avoid distractions

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of collisions on Missouri roads. Distraction can result from using a phone, eating, drinking, or chatting with other passengers. To avoid distraction, mute your phone while driving and only chat or make calls once you reach your destination. Also, focus on the road and watch other vehicles and pedestrians on the road to enhance safety.

4. Be prudent near turning trucks

Turning trucks require more space to turn safely than other vehicles. When turning, the truck driver has limited sight and can easily hit nearby vehicles. The risks of driving too close to a turning commercial truck thus increase, hence the need to always keep a distance.

Beware that the truck driver may need to occupy two lanes to ensure safe turns. Therefore, provide as much clearance as possible because it can be challenging to determine how much room the truck will need to turn.

5. Signal clearly and in good time

Being a safe driver requires you to signal clearly and in advance. When you want to turn, change lanes, or pass a trucker, express your intentions clearly and in advance. With early and clear signals, you give the truck driver time to anticipate or respond to your vehicle’s actions.


Truck accidents are a common cause of injuries and deaths in Missouri. Some are due to drivers’ reckless driving, overspeeding or drunk driving. If you incur injuries due to drunk driving, hire a DUI attorney to help your hold the responsible party liable. The professional will fight for your right and help you get the right compensation settlement for your damages.