How to Deal with Winter Blues

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When autumn rolls around, many people start to worry about the upcoming winter blues. With the days growing shorter and the nights growing colder, many people start suffering from negative emotions and lack of motivation. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this, and here are some of the best.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

One of the biggest reasons people feel a slump in the winter is because of the lack of vitamin D from sunlight. A cheap and easy way to deal with this is to take a vitamin D supplement. Not only will it help your mood, but it will also improve your bone health! Take a trip to your local drugstore and pick up a big tub of vitamin D tablets to get you through the winter months.

Use a SAD Lamp

A SAD lamp is a genius invention that shines a light on your face to replace real sunlight. If you struggle in the winter months, then this can be a lifesaver. All you need to do is sit in front of the lamp for some time each day and let the fake rays perform their magic.

If you do get depression in the winter months, then you should seek extra treatment on top of a SAD lamp. Have a look at ignite teen treatment to help you manage your low moods and come out positive on the other side.

Wake Up Earlier

If you are a night owl, then you might be strongly affected by the winter blues. If this is the case, then you will benefit from shifting your sleeping pattern so that you are awake earlier. This way, you will see more daylight, and even get the chance to see the beautiful sunrises. You might even find that your productivity increases!

Take Daily Walks

It’s easy to hide away in the winter, but if you want to stay positive, then you should do the exact opposite. Take frequent walks even when it’s cold, so you soak up as much sunshine as possible. If you struggle to find the time, then try incorporating it into your lunch break – you’ll feel much better by the time you are back at your desk.

Make Your Home Cozy

While you are spending more time inside, it helps to give your home a lift. Coming home from work when it’s dark can be disheartening, but it makes it all the easier if you are entering a beautifully decorated, comfortable home. Get plenty of lamps, buy some plants, and stock up on the plump cushions to make your home a perfect cold-weather escape.

Avoid Isolation

Loneliness increases in the wintertime as more people spend time in their homes, but you should try to avoid this. Just because you can’t walk around in the sun for hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your friends! Schedule get-togethers in each-others homes, at the cinema, and at your local bar. If you struggle to drag yourself out of your duvet, then spending time with your friends on Facetime can be enough to pull you out of your winter slump.

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