How to do a natural facial at home – 7 simple steps starting with a natural face wash

How to do a natural facial at home - 7 simple steps starting with a natural face wash

Facial sessions in beauty salons or parlours are expensive. A monthly facial regime can cost a lot, especially if one chooses branded products. But it is not something we can skip if we want to pamper our skin and get rid of all the skin damage. Well, this is why home facial sessions are the best using organic products. This process may take time but delivers the same results if one follows the instructions. One needs a natural face wash, scrub, massage cream, moisturiser and toner to get a home facial done perfectly. It requires no specialisation of additional tips that one may have to follow to get the task done.

Although most people preach doing home facials using natural ingredients in their raw form, the process is hectic, complicated and messy. If one starts making the cleansers and scrubs on her own, it may not turn out well. Also, following this process requires the right amount of ingredients used in the mixtures. The best way to skip all these rumpled tasks is to buy natural face wash and other organic products from a trusted brand. One can try Juicy Chemistry face wash and skin care products to get assured results. The brand has received critical acclaim from many beauticians. Once the products are in line, follow these simple steps to do a home facial.

Home facials are efficient in giving that youthful glow we always desire!

Step-By-Step Guide To Do Natural Facial At Home

This home facial guide is for all skin types. However, one should choose the products as per her skin suitability. Start with a natural face wash and end with a mild serum. Let us see what all a customary home facial regime involves.

#Step 1: Cleanse Face Using Natural Face Wash

Tie up hair and remove all the make-up from the face. Now use a natural face wash to cleanse the face. Lather in the gel using light circular motions for 2-3 minutes.  

● For Normal & Dry Skin Types

For normal to dry skin, choose a face wash that contains Cucumber, Spearmint, Lemongrass, potato, tomato or other mind cleansing agents.

● For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin types should opt for a face wash that has tea tree extracts, Neem, sandalwood, aloe vera, etc.

#Step 2: Apply A Mild Toner  

After cleansing the face, pat dry and wait for a few minutes. Then use an organic face toner and apply evenly. For best results, spray the toner all over the face and let it absorb naturally.

#Step 3: Use Face Steam

Steaming the face is crucial to open the clogged pores. Either use a face steamer or put the face over a bucket of boiled water and cover it with a thick towel. Do not take the steam for more than 10-15 minutes. Once done, wait till the face absorbs the dew and cools down.

#Step 4: Exfoliate With A Gentle Scrub

Just like a natural face wash, use an organic scrub as per the skin type and scrub the face for 12-15 minutes. Apply normal pressure and move the fingers all over the face in circular motions. Do not rub too hard, especially in the area where there are spots. Scrubbing the face coarsely will not take off pigmentation. Be gentle and take time.

#Step 5: Massage With A Moisturiser

Use a massage cream or a moisturiser and massage the face for 12-15 minutes again. Use the fingertips to absorb the moisturiser. Take a sufficient amount of cream to get the supple texture. This process works as a soothing action after exfoliation.

#Step 6: Apply An Organic Face Mask

Take a natural face mask or serum sheet mask and apply it to the skin. Let it sit until dry, and then wash it with warm water.

#Step 7: Use A Face Serum & Eye Cream

Use an organically formulated eye cream as a leave-on product. If one uses any clay face mask, it is essential to use a face serum too.

Additional Tips To Get Effective Results

One should be careful during the home facial process using a natural face wash and keep these basic suggestions in mind to not overdo any step.

  • Use one brand product for all the steps unless one has some well-suited products on the shelf.
  • Do not use harsh scrubs or cleansers. Use organic products that are free of active compounds and harsh chemicals.
  • Take a few minutes gap before going to another step. Let the skin breathe after removing the product.
  • Moisturise the face well. And do not forget to apply serum to get a protective layer on the skin.

This home facial regime using a natural face wash gives positive results when one chooses the right brand. Do the market analysis, pick the brands offering organic products, perform application tests, and then pick the one that shows visible results. Stick to one brand and enjoy the feel of healthy-looking skin!