How to dress up a baby girl for her first birthday?


Dressing up your little girl isn’t exactly easy, especially when she keeps moving around and won’t stand still long enough to put on clothes properly. 

However, the right baby girl dresses can help you get through this troublesome task with ease, even if you have to do some fancy manoeuvring to get everything on your baby girl just right. 

This guide contains tips and tricks on how to find the right baby girl dresses for her first birthday, whether she’s the guest of honour or attending the party as a guest.

Fabric choice

Due to babies’ delicate skin and high vulnerability to rashes, experts recommend using 100% cotton baby girl dressesinstead of synthetic or blended fabrics. It’s also recommended that you use small amounts of soft, smooth cotton-like satin, chiffon, velour or charmeuse. 

Cotton is breathable and can help keep your baby dryer than fabrics such as rayon or polyester. In addition, these materials are light enough not to overheat your child on a hot day. Lastly, make sure any print or pattern is muted and free from glitzy details on baby girl dresses. The last thing you want is your little one being blinded by sequins while she sleeps!


In most cultures, jewellery symbolizes milestones in a person’s life. Make sure your daughter has enough costume jewellery to represent all of her big days—from baptisms and birthdays to graduations and weddings. 

When choosing pieces, keep in mind that children outgrow their favourite items quickly (and since they don’t have much self-control yet, they probably won’t save these things for later). 

Buy multiple copies of popular pieces or select timeless styles that will appeal as she grows. For example, choose pearl earrings instead of dangly ones so you can reuse them when she gets older.


If you’re going to organzie a birthday party for your little girl, choose accessories that are easy to take on and off, such as hats, mittens, booties or headbands. Then it’s less stressful for your little one and easier on you. 

Keep in mind that many babies can get fussy when they’re dressed too warmly, so dressing them in layers is a good idea. You can add or remove layers as needed throughout your event. 

Going with the theme

If your little one’s big day is on a special holiday or if she has a favourite animal, these could be great themes. If she loves sparkles and rainbows, then it’s time to deck her out in her best duds. Remember: It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate! A cute hat and tutu should do it.

Keep it simple

You don’t want too much going on in terms of prints, patterns and colours on baby girl dresses. Stick with a solid colour and either a pair of shorts or a skirt with an elastic waistband. A button-down shirt or blouse will also be a good choice. 

Accessories should include a headband in coordinating colour and flower clips that match any flowers you might put in her hair. Remember: Keep it simple! Once you have your outfit together, feel free to accessorize—with headbands, bows and flowers.