How To Fix A Bent Phone With Smartphone Repair Shop

Smartphone Repair

Imagine you left your home in the morning to go somewhere and have worn new skinny jeans today. You are feeling really good about it. You have to drive to go somewhere, so you dip your phone in your jeans back pocket. You have opened the front door and sat in the driving seat. Suddenly you realized, “Oh! my phone was in my back pocket”. You instantly take out your phone and see that your beautifully designed phone is bent. What will you do now? 

We are so dependent on our smartphones that a damaged and malfunctioned phone feels like a flat tire. New flagship phones are delicate and fragile, so it is very important to take good care of our phones. Thankfully, we have Vantel, a cell phone repair shop, which gives us comfort by telling us that a bent phone is not the end of the world. Your phone still has a chance to get in better condition. Don’t buy a brand-new phone until you know it can’t be repaired. Let’s see how you can fix a bent phone. 

Can a smartphone repair shop fix a bent phone?

When you see your beautifully designed phone in an awkward shape, the first thing that comes to mind is, “how can I unbend it.” Like every other person, you will also want to fix the shape of your phone but remember that it is not easy-peasy. Its frame and body are distorted and twisted when your smartphone is bent. Phones with weak plastic and aluminum can face this issue often. When that happens, it is necessary to get your frame changed. Now you know that you can’t change a frame at home by implementing DIY methods. It is something that must be left to the expert technicians. They will dismantle and separate all the components of your smartphone and couple them to a new frame. It is delicate work that requires time, patience, and experience. If you unbend it yourself, you can damage other expensive components. 

How to avoid the bending of smartphones?

The new phones are not made of plastic, so there is no chance it bends, but electronic devices are not invincible. That is why the smartphone repair store has provided some steps you must follow to prevent your smartphone from bending. 

Don’t put your phone in skinny pockets

The first step you should follow is not to keep your smartphone in your pockets. Especially not the back pocket because people sit somewhere unknowingly, which results in phone damage. The most warped and bend cases occur because of putting the phone in tight and skinny pockets. Even if you wear tight jeans to look good because it’s in fashion, it is not good for your phone. It will bend and get squeezed when you sit somewhere or even squat. If it is necessary to keep your cell phone in a pocket, ensure that the pocket has enough space and it is big. 

Use Protective casing

Vancouver smartphone repair store suggests not blaming the manufacturer for its delicate design because no technology is perfect in the first place. When you buy an electronic gadget, you must know that they are prone to damage and you have to take care of them. To take good care of your smartphone, it is advised that you must keep it in a protective casing. A protective case can save from phone from getting damaged and getting bent. It will also protect it from scratches and other damage. 

Keep it away from the bedside.

People habitually put their phones on the bedside when they sleep. Doing this is not safe because you can squeeze it inadvertently. A mobile phone repair store in Vancouver recommends that if you don’t want to wake up and see your phone bent, it will be good if you realize timely that you must keep them off your beds.

Keep it away from heavy pressures.

Many people see bend test on YouTube tutorials and try to do such things just to see how durable their smartphone is. Doing this with your smartphone is not recommended by a smartphone repair shop. Do not squeeze, bend, curl or apply heavy pressure on it because if it damages, it will not be by accident, and you’ll cause its damage. Do you want that guilt? No right? So it’s better to keep it away from heavy pressures.

From Where to Repair A Bent Phone?

There are many repair shops in the market, but you must choose the reliable and authentic one. Many people don’t know how to do that. You must do your research about a website before going to the shop. Read reviews of people and previous shop customers to understand their work. A smartphone repair shop is one of the top-notch and leading repair stores with professionals who can help you fix the damages. You can contact them by booking online appointments or through emails and texts. They have premium quality services at affordable prices.