How To Fix Company File And Network Issue With Quickbooks File Doctor

Quickbooks file doctor

When it comes to choosing the best accounting software for a firm, Quickbooks is the first preference for a lot of people. The application has a very simple interface that enables people to understand what tab does what in the application and simply makes it easy for even a new user to use the application. Despite all this, it is quite common to encounter issues while using the Quickbooks application. Some of these errors are easy to resolve and some may need extra effort. To enhance the user experience, the makers have also developed repairing tools to enable users to fix most of the errors on their own.

One of such tools is the File doctor tool. The tool is a simple fixing tool that a user can use to get rid of most of the company file and network issues. It can also be used to fix damaged files. The tool is easily available on the official website and you can download it on the system. But the question is: How to use it to fix the issues. Well, we have got the answer for you. This post will provide you with a complete idea of how you can download the file doctor tool and use it to fix issues in Quickbooks.

What All You Need to Know About Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

So, before you download and install the Quickbooks file doctor tool on the system, you must know everything about the tool. Here are all the facts that one must know about the Quickbooks file doctor tool.

  • The tool is only available for Windows operating system and not for Mac.
  • If you are using a stand-alone version of the tool, the tool is compatible with all Quickbooks applications.
  • The in-built version of the tool is present only for the Quickbooks application later in 2015. For previous versions, you need to use the stand-alone versions.
  • If you have already installed any version of the Quickbooks application on your system, you will have to make sure to get rid of it first and then only install the new one.
  • Moreover, ensure you have a good internet connection on your system to run the tool smoothly.
  • You will need all your admin credentials to use the Quickbooks doctor.
  • Your file size should not exceed more than 1.5GB.
  • Make sure to keep your Quickbooks application updated to the latest version.
  • The tool will start on the tool automatically in case you use the in-built version of the tool. In case the tool does not start on the system, tap on the option to start the tool.

Versions of QBFD

The File doctor tool is available in two different versions. You will get the following versions of Quickbooks:

  • In-Built Version: As the name suggests, this version of Quickbooks needs not be installed on the system. This tool version is available for Quickbooks above 2015.
  • Stand-Alone: Now, this version of the file tool needs to be installed on the system separately. You can download it from the official Quickbooks website.

How to Download Quickbooks File Doctor Tool

Like the file doctor tool is available in different versions, the process to download the same is also different. Here, we have listed all the steps that you need to follow to install the stand-alone version and in-built version of the tool. Ensure to follow all the steps, in the same way, to avoid any issues in the process.

In-Built Version:

  • First, you need to open Quickbooks on your system. Ensure that no company file is opened on your system.
  • You will now have to tap on the File icon and click on the utility tab.
  • Now, click on the repair file issues option
  • When done, you will have to select your required company file and then hover to the advanced settings tab.
  • Here, all the common Quickbooks issues will appear on the screen. You will have to tap on the issue that you are facing.

Stand-Alone Version:

  • To begin with, on your browser, look for the Quickbooks official website.
  • Now, on the website, look for the Quickbooks file doctor tool. Download the tool on the system.
  • When done, tap on the downloaded file and then choose to install the file.
  • Agree to the license agreement and then follow all the instructions to complete the process.
  • After installing it, tap on the tool icon and then start the tool.
  • Here, you will have to choose the file with which you have encountered the issue. Click on the browse option for the same.
  • Now, you will have to click on the option to check file damage only.
  • After this, you will be redirected to a new window. Here, choose the option for company file or network issues that you are facing.
  • When done, you will have to tap on the option if you are working on the workstation or the host system.
  • Next, tap on the start scan option.
  • It will now start scanning the file.
  • In the end, you will have to click on the Ok option and then terminate the tool.

Quickbooks Tool Hub:

  • First, download the tool hub on the system.
  • Install the tool on the system by following all the instructions.
  • Start the tool on the system.
  • When done, hover to the company file issues option.
  • Now, choose to run the file doctor tool.
  • Next, select the file with which you are facing the issue.
  • When done, you will have to click on the option to start the scan.
  • Now, on completion of the scan, run Quickbooks and check if the issue is resolved.

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Winding Up

Quickbooks file doctor is a great repairing tool to get rid of the company file and network issues. We have tried explaining to you everything about the application in this post. However, if you still have queries, you can always seek help from the experts.