How to get more free subscribers for your YouTube channel?



Are you looking for a way to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel? How effective and completely free? Should I use the Best YouTube promotion services overall – Ads Can Help.

If so, then this article will help you with how to get free YouTube subscribers for your YouTube channel. Just find out with us.

Why Subscribers are important to the YouTube channels?

Subscribers are very important.  What is important must be repeated twice. 

That’s right, on YouTube, to judge whether a YouTube channel is successful or not, everyone will look at the number of subscribers to that channel. And this is also a prerequisite to deciding if your channel is monetized or not.

Subscriber is useful for your channel in addition to the above benefits, why? Because your channel subscribers are loyal followers of your channel. When they have chosen to subscribe to your channel, they are thinking: “This channel is interesting, please show me more content from this channel.” 

Viewers will become loyal customers to your channel once they subscribe to your channel unless you do something bad (really bad) to make them unsubscribe from your channel. And so every time you post a new video on YouTube there will be an almost available audience from people who have subscribed to your channel. And that’s why subscriptions are so important to YouTubers, that’s also the reason many people are so interested in ways to get free YouTube subscribers

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Should buy subscriptions for the channel? 

If you are a YouTube user to grow your business, or otherwise simply want to speed up the growth of your channel, and you want to buy subscribers. The problem here is whether you can trust the services that sell subscribers?

To answer this question, you must understand the essence of buying channel subscriptions. 

There are many ways for services to increase real youtube views for your channel. They can use bots and help your channel increase subscribers quickly, but this method is often checked by YouTube very quickly, as quickly as it increases subscribers for your channel. Another way is to cross-exchange channel subscriptions, this way you can earn real YouTube channel subscribers. And another way is subscriber mining, the service will use many devices at the same time with many accounts, and your account is even interactive. But in the long term and sustainable, promoting your channel to earn channel subscriptions is still the most effective service. 

When you use a third-party service to get subscribers, always be wise. This can earn you a large number of subscribers without much effort, making your channel look more quality in the eyes of viewers. However, with this service, you should also develop quality content on your channel, not just rely on this service. And of course, choose a reputable site, make sure and research carefully before choosing. 

If you choose to grow your channel with your efforts, stay tuned, we’ll share with you simple ways to help your channel get free YouTube subscribers

How to get free YouTube subscribers?

Is YouTube subscribe free? It’s completely free. As long as you have interesting content, your video optimization, and your YouTube channel are attractive then your channel will get some subscribers soon. Maybe even get 1.000 free youtube subscribers only by free ways.

Here is a list of tips we have put together. Try it out with your channel and videos and see the results. So, How to get free subscribers? This article is the answer.

Just ask viewers to subscribe to your channel

Simple and effective, ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel after each video or at the beginning of the video. That’s why you usually see YouTubers do it in their videos. Simply, viewers do not pay attention to click to subscribe to the channel even though they are interested in video content. 

Yes, it’s that simple, but this one simple act will also help your channel a lot to get free youtube subscribers

Verify your account

If it’s just a basic unverified YouTube account, you can only upload videos for up to 15 minutes. And you don’t want to be limited to this number, so verify your YouTube account, it’s not too complicated. Just go to on your computer and do what is asked.

After verifying your account, you can upload videos on YouTube of very large lengths and sizes. 

Introduce the next video in the end video

You probably know what it’s like to watch a TV show and it ends with a little introduction of the next episode, and you can’t wait until next week to be able to watch that episode.

It’s similar for you to introduce a little about the topic or content of the next video that you will release. This is a great way to encourage viewers to click subscribe to your channel because they won’t want to miss the content in the next video. 

Create a brand identity for the channel

You can’t just impress with content. You have to make a certain impression in the subconscious of your customers. That way, they will remember where those impressive content came from. 

You can build your style for the channel through the following ways: 

  • Avatar 
  • Banner
  • Channel description
  • Channel URL

Grow a community

This is an overview of your contribution to the development of the community on YouTube. Community development is another way of increasing interaction and spread. 

So simply here you use your channel to interact with other users on YouTube. Leave comments on the videos you find interesting, support interaction by leaving a like, or if the video is too bad, leave a dislike. You can interact with other users however you like, but please respect YouTube’s policies. 

Create your style for thumbnails 

Like the poster of a movie theater, each of your videos also has its representative images, called thumbnails. These are visual ways to engage your viewers to click on your video. This is the way to get free YouTube subscribers fast only at first sight.

Take the time to design a quality thumbnail that shares a common touch. For example, the same font, the same color format, the same image layout in the thumbnail. Thus, viewers will recognize your videos among many other videos through the thumbnail design.

Create subscribe buttons in videos

You can add action buttons in your videos to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can add it to the video ending scene or add it to the video watermark. This is a very effective way to keep viewers focused on subscribing to your channel, and you will get more YouTube subscribers free with this button or else it will still make your videos look better. 

Create an intro video for the channel 

You can add a video to introduce your YouTube channel. In addition, YouTube also allows you to create two different intro videos, for people who have subscribed to your channel and those who have not.

For people who have not subscribed to your channel, create a video that introduces general information about your channel, why they should subscribe to your channel, what content or value they get when they subscribe to your channel. And make it convincing.

As for viewers who have subscribed to your channel, it can be as simple as a greeting video or the most impressive video on your channel. A few other YouTubers use some screens of coming up next video on this section.

Create playlists for your content

Creating videos in playlists is a great way to distribute content across your channel. When a user views a playlist they will be automatically watching a series of videos on your channel. Then, if they love your playlist, it also means a high rate that they will be interested in your channel, which motivates them to subscribe to your channel more. 

So create similar pieces of content or pieces of content that complement each other in a playlist. You must make your viewers watch the videos in your playlist non-stop, just categorize content and playlists properly. 

Introducing the content on the channel 

The same goes for the above, but this part will be to get your videos featured on the main page of your YouTube channel.

In this section, you can add up to 12 sections to your channel homepage. You can refer to the most interesting, interesting videos on your channel, or simply videos that highlight the uniqueness of your channel. 

Certain video upload schedule 

As a content creator on YouTube, don’t wait too long to post a new video, then maybe people are no longer interested in your channel. I know it’s not easy to create a new video, and a quality video takes more time to create.

But even if it’s difficult, try to upload 1 video a week. Let your channel followers know you’re still active on this channel. 

Host a GA or event

This is a simple but very effective way, just a little complicated in the process of organizing and communicating so that many people know about this event or GA.

You can host an event or GA, as long as players have to subscribe to your channel to participate. In addition, you can integrate communication through social networks so that more people know and participate. 

Use social media channels

Social networks, probably no stranger to us, are still going strong. Now the social network is known as an effective, economical, and extremely fast communication channel. 

You can simply upload short videos to the social media platforms you use to introduce your channel or simply direct users from these platforms to your YouTube channel. So you’ve got subscribers from outside of YouTube’s platform, or at least their interest. 

Collaborate with an influencer of brand

When I talk about influencers, I don’t mean being too famous, sometimes simply being another YouTube creator with a subscriber base is fine. When two people work together to develop common content, they can harness value from each other’s audiences.

You can collaborate with multiple people at once, or collaborate with a group. The development strategy during the collaboration should be clearly outlined by the two of you. 

Building an SEO strategy 

If you do not know, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine platform in the world right now, after Google. This means that you can completely build and apply SEO strategies to your YouTube channel to make it reach more people.

Learn about SEO knowledge on YouTube, optimize your channel to match SEO. Then build your channel a consistent, long-term SEO strategy. Target the keywords and optimize the title, description, tags of the video to match the keywords. From there, reach the quality goals for your channel.


And those are our tips to help you get free YouTube subscribers for your channel.

You can try it now, and remember, always be patient. It may not work right away, but the successful results you get in the future can stem from these very actions you take today.