How to Keep Your AC Air Filters Clean and Healthy

AC Air Filters

No matter what type of HVAC system you have, it’s important to remember that the quality of the air circulating within your home depends more on your AC air filter than on anything else. An unclean air filter prevents the unit from functioning properly and causes more wear and tear on the HVAC system itself. Neither of these things is good for your wallet or your health. That’s why you should keep your HVAC system’s air filter clean at all times.

Here’s how to keep your air filters at home clean and healthy:

Clean your filters regularly

Cleaning AC air filters is easy and cheap to do. Here’s how:

Unplug the AC and wait for it to cool first. If you’re cleaning the filters on a window AC, be sure to open a nearby window first, too. Remove the filter by pulling it straight out of the slot on the unit. Check it carefully for any dust or dirt (with your hand behind your back as an extra precaution). Wash it with some mild dish soap and water, inside and out. Let air dry thoroughly before putting it back on.

Change your filters every 30 to 90 days

Change your filters like clockwork. You should make this part of your routine every 30 to 90 days, or at least once a season, depending on how many times the system is running. Do not wait to make changes until the system starts to break down.

Have your AC serviced by a pro today

Besides performing DIY routine maintenance tasks, it is very important to ask the help of experts to keep your AC running efficiently all year long. A licensed and skilled contractor can easily tell whether you need an air conditioning repair or replacement. Hire the service of experts to maintain a clean and healthy home!