How to Keep Your Handmade Rug Looking as Good as New?


Did you just buy one of those gorgeous handmade rugs for sale that you absolutely adore?

Then you must want your new rug to retain its original look for years on end!

But how?

Proper rug care, maintenance, and regular cleaning is the key!

Easy Rug Care and Cleaning Tips from Experts

Taking care of an expensive handmade wool rug, such as an antique Bokhara rug or hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs, can feel like an arduous task, but it isn’t that hard once you know the tricks. 

Here are some easy tips on how to keep your handmade rugs looking fresh and as good as new for years on end:

  • If you’ve bought an antique Bokhara rug, or any other handmade wool rug that you think would require special care, your first step should be placing the rug in an area that gets less foot-traffic. 
  • Keep the rug out of direct sunshine as the UV rays can cause the dyes to fade. 
  • Do not step on the carpet with muddy or dirty shoes. Try using indoor slippers or just wear socks when walking on the rug.
  • Avoid placing furniture that’s too heavy on your rug as that can lead to ugly furniture dents. 
  • Always use a rug pad to minimize the damage caused to wool fibers. 
  • Vacuum clean the rug at least 2-3 times per week. Remember to vacuum from both sides – the surface and the backside. 
  • Rotate the rug seasonally so that it fades evenly. 
  • In case of spills or stains, try treating the affected area immediately before the stain gets dried out. 
  • Get your rug deep cleaned professionally once in a year, or at least once in two years. 

Why You Must Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned?

While there are numerous home hacks and DIY tricks that you can follow to clean your carpets, you won’t be able to do it the professional way yourself.

And although regular carpet cleaning at home can aid in keeping your rug in a good shape, you’d need expert help once in a while to ensure that your rug keeps looking as good as new. 

Still contemplating whether or not you should hire professionals for the job at hand?

Then, before you make a final decision, read these 5 benefits of getting your rug professionally cleaned:

  1. Sanitized for Better Protection
  2. Keeps the Fibers from Getting Damaged
  3. Makes the Stains Vanish Completely
  4. Professionals Know What Works Best
  5. No Risk of Getting Your Rug Ruined
  1. Sanitized for Better Protection

Most people aren’t aware of this, but your rug is at least 4000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, and contains as much as 200,000 bacteria, combined with dust mites, germs, and allergens. 

Wondering how to protect your family from the germ breeding farm that your carpet is?

By getting it professionally cleaned!

Because professional cleaners sanitize and deodorize your rugs to make them safe for a healthy family. 

  1. Keeps the Fibers from Getting Damaged

When there’s dust, damage becomes inevitable.

The grime, dust and dirt ingrained in your handmade carpet can wear away its foundation and cause damage to the fibers, hence shortening your beautiful rug’s lifespan. 

In other words, if you leave the dirt on your rug untreated instead of getting it cleaned, it can cut and tear at the fibers, ripping them apart and causing irreparable damage. 

But it’s not only the dirt that needs to be taken care of, especially if you’ve got clumsy kids staining the rug – another reason why professional cleaning is a must. 

  1. Makes the Stains Vanish Completely

That’s right, nothing can stop accidental spillage from ruining your beloved rug, except magic, or, of course, a professional cleaner.

Apart from household mishaps, rugs can accumulate stains from daily foot traffic as well. 

And, no matter how hard you try, sometimes it can be nearly impossible to make stains vanish completely without the help of a professional cleaner. 

  1. Professionals Know What Works Best

A carpet expert would tell you to get your rug professionally cleaned every 9-12 months, and the major reason behind this is the products used by professional carpet cleaners. 

These products are designed to deep clean wool rugs without damaging their fibers, which ensures that your carpets are cleaned and handled with the care they deserve. 

  1. No Risk of Getting Your Rug Ruined

The task of washing your rug at home comes with the risk of you accidently damaging it. 

Don’t want that to happen?

Go for professional carpet cleaners who know just what they’re doing!

All in all, good rug care and following a cleaning routine are two things you won’t regret doing, especially if you’ve invested in a valuable rug and want it to live long. 

Don’t forget to follow the easy tips we’ve shared above!

And … of course, do get your rugs professionally cleaned once in a while.