How to Keep your Travertine Tiles Clean?

travertine tile
travertine tile

Travertine is a natural stone and is in demand as the best building material. It is strong enough to resist damage, stains, and spills. It is not only similar to marble in look but also has a lower cost. In this sense, it is best the type of flooring to replace marble. Like any other floor, travertine tiles also require regular sweeping and mopping.

Moreover, it is essential to have it sealed before installation. It will stop extra dirt and dust particles from getting onto the surface. Basic and deep cleaning is vital for these floor tiles. Also, the finish you choose (honed or polished) has a big impact on its exterior. On top of that, grout lines are vulnerable to dirt and dust.   

Several factors can damage the look of travertine floors. So, you have to adopt some cleaning habits to keep your tiles clean and shiny. Here are some cleaning tips:

  1. Regular sweeping
  2. Mop the travertine tiles
  3. Disinfect the floor
  4. Clean the spills on time
  5. Clean the grout lines
  6. Choose a suitable cleaner
  7. Use dish soap
  8. Use a dry cloth

Regular sweeping:

Dust and dirt can make your travertine floor look dull and dirty. But, you can keep them clean by doing regular sweeping. In this case, use a soft broom to clean the tiny dirt particles from the tiles. Always use a dry cloth or broom before using a damp mop. In case you have a busy schedule, go vacuuming. But, use it with extra care.

Mop the travertine tiles:

If you want to get rid of tough stains, do the weekly mopping. Use warm water for oily spots or fluids to mop the floor. In case it does not work, use a floor cleaner. Also, a damp mop is the best solution for a clean travertine floor. Also, it will maintain the natural beauty of your tiles. 

Disinfect the floor:

In today’s world, where we carry germs to our homes, it is vital to disinfect your floors. It is the safest solution for the entire family. So, when it is time to disinfect the light travertine tiles in the USA, make a soap solution. Add a tablespoon of mild and non-acidic dish soap to a gallon of water. Then, mop the floor with this solution. Mop a second time with clean water to remove any residue that may exist. Finally, use a dry towel to soak the water. 

Clean the spills on time:

Acidic spills like soda, orange juice, vinegar, and other soft drinks can damage the texture and color of your tiles. That is why it is vital to do on-time cleaning. Wipe the spills as they happen. Also, do not let them stay on the floor. Even if you just did the cleaning, wipe the spills right away. Acidic spills can result in discoloration of the travertine floor. 

Clean the grout lines:

Cleaning the grout lines can be tricky. In this case, you need something abrasive to clean the grout. Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean the grout. Then, carefully scrub this mild paste with a tiny brush. Also, scratch or etch the edges of the tile with the tool. For better results, you can also use grout cleaner.

Choose a suitable cleaner:

This point is vital to avoid any mistakes. Some stains require a cleaner for removal. In that case, choose a suitable cleaner for travertine floors. Try to find a mild cleaning agent that will not discolor the tiles. Also, do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Apply the solution to a small area first to avoid any reaction. Then, mop the entire floor tiles. 

Use dish soap:

Using dish soap is also a good idea. It has mild chemicals than cleaners. So, it is better to make a dish soap solution and mop the tiles with that. But, do not use anything that has vinegar in it. Mix it into warm water and damp the mop. Also, you can do this once a month. 

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Use a dry cloth:

Weekly mopping is best for travertine floors. But, you have to clean the remaining water. Many people turn the fan on to dry the floor. It is a common mistake to avoid. Always use a dry towel or cloth to clean the water content after rinsing the floor. Also, the water in the grout lines can absorb into its surface. So, try to keep the area dry after cleaning.

Some additional tips:

  • Seal the floor tiles before installation and reseal them every two or three years.
  • Use area rugs or carpets for active parts of your home.
  • Also, make use of doormats in front of bathroom doors.


Cleaning is a must to keep the natural beauty of travertine tiles. In that case, regular sweeping and weekly mopping is the best idea. In addition, clean the grout lines for extra care. But, use mild cleaners or dish soap for tough stains. Also, use a dry towel after mopping. These tips are perfect for keeping your floor clean and ever-shining. For quality tiles from the best floor tiles store online in the USA, visit the website of to explore your options.