How To Maintain a Carpet After It Has Been Professionally Cleaned?

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Just buying and getting carpet places in your home is not enough. It must clean the carpet periodically to keep the aesthetics and the resale value high. It is advised that you do not attempt any DIY techniques to get the carpet cleaned. Professionals should always do carpet cleaning tasks. The good thing here is that, because carpet use is frequent in the UK, almost every city has professional carpet cleaners. Suppose you live in Berkhamsted or St. Albans. You can check out carpet cleaning Berkhamsted or carpet cleaning St Albans, respectively.  

However, the question arises, how to keep the carpet clean once professionals have deep cleaned it? Nobody has the time, patience or money to get their carpets cleaned every day. Thus, here are a few precautionary measures for you to consider that will help you keep your carpet looking fresh and new for a more extended period.

Wait before you walk.

Once the carpet has been professionally deep cleaned, allow it to dry before you start walking on it completely. Even if a small spill occurs on the rug, you should wait for the carpet to dry first before you walk. This will prevent the spill from spreading.

Do not wear shoes but do not walk barefoot either.

It has been observed that walking barefoot on the carpet once professionally cleaned is not a good idea. This is because of the foot secrets natural oils. These oils released from the skin of the foot can leave an oily residue on the carpet. Thus it gives the rug a dirty look and can also attract dirt. Therefore, instead of walking on the carpet barefoot, walk on the carpet by either wearing slippers or socks, which are not worn outside.

Clean up the spells and stains

If you land up causing a spill or stain, clean it up immediately. The longer the spill remains unattended on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove it later.

Blot only

Instead of rubbing the stain, blot it. Blotting soaks up the spill removing it from the fibres of the carpet. If you try to rub the stain, it will only cause the stain to go deeper into the fibres of the rug. Pour a small amount of water and then blot the stain with a paper towel or white towel. If the water does not work, you can use a minimal amount of detergent. If this also does not work, you should contact your carpet cleaning services and ask them for help.

Vacuum every day

A professionally cleaned carpet can be allowed to retain its looks if it is vacuumed regularly. It does not matter whether you feel the captain is rocking or not. It should be a part of your daily routine to clean and vacuum the carpet to remove all the particles you cannot see.

These methods will help your carpet look fresh and clean for a long period.