How to Send Money from Kenya to Nigeria


Sending money across the African continent has evolved over the years. From the use of banks, which were rather expensive, to cheaper options like a money transfer app. Therefore, when you’re Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria, there are tons of options that you can look at. Advancements in technology make it a lot easier to remit funds. The process is almost instantaneous using a money transfer app.

There are many ways you can use when Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria. Besides, the recipient can get several ways to access the funds sent to him or her.

How much does it Cost Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria?

There is a wide range of factors that can affect the cost of Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria. For starters, the transaction cost is the first factor that will determine how costly it is for you to send funds. Different money transfer apps have distinct transaction costs. Therefore, it would be a wise option to confirm with several before settling on one.

The current exchange rate or the one you get on the app can also determine how much it’ll cost you to send money from Kenya to Nigeria. The best money transfer apps will at least use the mid-market rate, which makes the final cost fair to the sender.

Lastly, the method you use to send money will also determine how much you’re going to spend on the transaction. For instance, using banks is rather more expensive than using a money transfer app. Banks often impose a lot of hidden charges that increase the final amount that you get to pay. Hence, it would be more advisable to consider using a money transfer app.

Money Transfer Apps for Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria

Now that we’ve looked at the basics, now’s the time to get to the real deal. Which apps should you use in Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria? Using the following apps, you can send money to support your family/friends, and equally, run your businesses:


This is a reliable way that you can depend on when Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It’s a tried and tested method of sending funds and has gained the trust of millions of users within and without the continent.

WorldRemit has some of the lowest rates in the industry when it comes down to sending funds. In addition, money transfers are almost instantaneous. Typically, you can expect funds to get to the recipient within 24 hours or less.

The recipient can get the funds in different ways, including cash pick up. They can also receive funds via mobile money.


Afriex is yet another effective way of Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It has a deep network within the African continent, and even outside. Their costs for sending funds are rather low. Hence, many prefer to use this app to transfer funds to their loved ones and for business.

Afriex doesn’t compensate for security either, as they have employed standard and sophisticated security features to protect customers and their funds. The speed of transactions is also quite quick. You will expect the recipient to acknowledge receipt of funds within 24 hours.

Another great advantage of using Afriex is the fact that you can purchase and send cryptocurrency if you wish to. This is something that not many money transfer apps offer.


Is there a cheaper option of Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria than TransferWise? Well, according to our research, this is another cheap and effective way to transfer funds to Nigeria from Kenya.

There are two ways to use TransferWise. You can either depend on the bank transfer method or the direct debit method.


PayPal has been around for over two decades. It has, therefore, gained the trust of millions of people around the world, and even in the African continent. You can definitely trust PayPal for Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria. It has a wide network that covers the African continent.

Transfers on PayPal are typically fast. You can expect the recipient to get funds in their wallet in less than 24 hours. Another important benefit that you need to note with PayPal is that their security is top-notch. Right from the time you create an account to the time you’re loading it ready to send funds, your security is assured on the platform.


Last on our list is MoneyGram. With MoneyGram, you can access a map of the locations of agents worldwide. Hence, you can know exactly how and where to send money to Nigeria. Of course, the recipient has the flexibility of different options to receive the funds, rather than through a pickup agent.

The speed and security of Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria using MoneyGram is also something that you can be confident about.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, Sending Money from Kenya to Nigeria isn’t a difficult feat to achieve. You just have to get things right. And part of getting it right is choosing the best money transfer app.