How to Start a Career in Real Estate?


Beginnings are difficult, but they are what will determine your future. A correct starting point will benefit you in the years to come and keep you in a stable position. Now, if you are considering a career in real estate, be prepared for a risky journey, as there are many stumbles and falls for you but should you stay consistent, you shall reach your destination. Real estate agents have three main obligations in their day-to-day work: promoting buyers, representing sellers, and growing their company. It is simple to get started, no matter what you are doing right now. 

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Embellish Your Personality 

Your personality will influence your success as a real estate agent. Your education supports you but what matters is that you are a positive, dependable person who cares for and is interested in others. It makes all the difference if you have what it takes to deal with all kinds of people. Real estate agents who are productive enjoy engaging with clients and are excellent critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

Take a Real Estate Course

For starting a career in real estate, you must first complete a real estate course. It will benefit you greatly and secure the trust of your future clients. Choose the courses that coach about the foundations of selling and purchasing real estate such as the following ones: 

  • Ownership privileges
  • Laws governing titles, deeds, and possession
  • Taxes on real estate
  • Environmental and zoning regulations
  • Market research and appraisals 

These are areas in which a real estate agent is bound to have expertise in. 

Collaboration with Reputable Institutions

A property dealer should have enough firsthand experience and expertise to cope with the market’s challenges before entering the industry. These abilities are typically acquired after an individual has invested sufficient time in the market, dealt with a number of situations, and completed successful transactions. So, allow yourself to have all of this at a good institution. You should work at a brokerage that ensures your personal growth and productivity. 

Join the Real Estate Professionals Association

You should consider getting a membership with the Real Estate Professionals Association Pakistan or REPA. REPA has developed a network that allows licensed real estate agents to efficiently exert a collective impact on matters affecting the real estate industry’s interests, as well as collaborate around the country and even internationally, leveraging their local market knowledge to accelerate real estate business. 

The primary goal of REPA is to assist its members in being competent, productive, and competitive in the real estate sector while adhering to regulatory rules, as well as to protect the investments of the common citizens and investors who have put their hard-earned money into real estate. 

Become a Lead Generator

A new agent should consider himself or herself to be a lead generator. That must be your primary objective. For most new agents get their license, they don’t have a network of buyers and sellers to call on. So, what is the best way to produce buyer and seller leads? My advice is to avoid it in the initial stage of your career. Begin with a lease. 

Tenants are far easier to obtain as clients in contrast to buyers and sellers because there are in a larger number. They also shift every 12 months, can work with new agents, and renting is not affected by the recession. Some tenants will become potential buyers, and others will refer you to other prospective customers, but they are all now part of your valuable network. Do not be discouraged from selling, but it is understandable how difficult it is to build a business on sales when you’re beginning in the world of real estate. 

Broaden Your Sphere of Influence (SOI)

Family, colleagues, neighbors, and extracurricular activities are all in your sphere of influence (SOI). These are the simplest leads to work on and a good way for new agents to get their feet wet in the ocean of real estate. If you are a new agent looking to make a huge impression and have a lot of capital to start with, think big. To generate seller leads, send out mailers to a community. Starting in your own neighborhood is always a good idea because you are already an expert and will be recognized.

Use the social media to work your way in. Are you a social media over-sharer? You must become one. Build a platform. Make it known to the rest of the world about your dealings with tenants, buyers, and sellers. They should be able to reach you through your social media webpage. In today’s digital age, investing in a high-end website and internet marketing (SEO, Facebook, etc.) would pay off handsomely. 

Learn the Industry and the Business Language

In order to be successful, you must gain the necessary knowledge. Surf the web to stay in touch with the news updates, read books that will polish your expertise. You need to sound like you know what you are talking about if you want potential customers to believe you’re looking out for their best interests. The clients have many questions to ask you. Getting the correct response will reassure your client that you understand the real estate sector. It is also essential to understand real estate jargon. When speaking with potential customers, using common real estate terminology will help you secure their business and, more importantly, their confidence. 

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