Important Things you Need to Know about Data Protection

Important Things you Need to Know about Data Protection
Important Things you Need to Know about Data Protection

Data privacy or data protection is a part of an area that deals in the proper handling of data while focussing on compliance with data protection regulations. Data privacy is centered around how data should be collected, stored, managed, and shared with third parties as well as compliance with the privacy laws of CCPA and GDPR. 

Along with data security, another thing that creates a data protection area is data privacy which uses usable data as an output. Data privacy is not just about handling the data properly but about the public expectation of privacy centering around the individual. These laws aim to give back the control over data to these individuals so that they know how their data is being used, by who, and why giving them full control over their personal data being processed. Most of the customers said their trust in companies matters more today and the ability of the organization to save the protected personal data as well as the preferences and privacy of the individuals is what consumers expect from companies. 

Here are five important facts about data protection that you should be aware of.

Data privacy is different from data security 

Data security includes a set of standards and different safeguard that measures how much an organization is taking in order to prevent any third party from unauthorized access to digital data along with intentional and unintentional alteration, disclosure or deletion of data. It focuses on protecting data from malicious attacks and prevents the exploitation of a data breach or a cyber-attack. It includes access control, encryption, network security, and more. 

Importance of transparency

In this modern age of data economy, the true organizational value lies in the collected customers’ information. It is an asset that is worth protecting and keeping. Most companies keep forgetting that personal data of customers is only borrowed, individuals are enabled to exercise their rights such as the right to be forgotten and can take back their data or unsubscribe any time they want. Companies need to keep trust if they want to demonstrate transparency and keep their customers loyal. 

Privacy allows you to be left alone

According to the Personal Data Protection Act, privacy is quite important, it states your right to be left alone and should be protected. If you want to exercise it anywhere you should be able to. This has been agreed and recognised upon by governments worldwide and resulted in a number of PDPA acts; GDPR represents the groundbreaking and wholesome data protection regulation and imposes a huge fine when it comes to protecting an individual. This should be a warning to all companies and big organizations that customers have a right to move to another brand or stop being loyal to one brand whenever they feel like it without any added pressure. If pressurized the organization will face more considerable fines.

How Can You Achieve Your Goals?

We are exchanging more than data that before and this rising technology needs data privacy laws to go along with it. Data protection laws grant individuals certain rights, like the right to data portability, the right to rectification, the right to be forgotten, and so on, and these companies need to fulfill these rights within a certain deadline. The problem arises when most companies are not able to locate the data or answer the subject’s requests in time. Data privacy can help you achieve compliance by automating data privacy principles and track your statutory deadlines to help your customers understand better. It ensures that consumer rights are protected, especially from big corporates, organizations, and companies.


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