Inspiration for a MOROCCAN type KITCHEN 


In the process of designing a area in your house, sticking with an established theme can help, especially when you are trying to match the interior of your home. The kitchen is an ideal spot to introduce a particular theme since it can help connect all the various components together. This blog focuses specifically on this Moroccan style kitchen, and we will look at how you can modernize it to fit the modern home with five simple designs.

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The most important element of the design is obviously kitchen Moroccan Tile. They are hand-made beautiful, rustic and beautifully coated They may be simple or pattern-based, depending on your preferences. This is great when mixing various styles and eras in a striking and vibrant style.

If you are thinking about colour, the three main colours are an excellent starting point: rich reds, vibrant yellows and vibrant blues, and adding interesting architectural details is crucial to achieve the desired look. Think of bold curves, intricate furniture, and decorated woodwork.

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Use dark neutrals and the bold splash of color, all with a rustic look that evokes the warmness of Morocco. Pick dark walnut cabinets and a travertine-style worktop for an inviting feel. Continue it on the ceiling using an beige limewash look for an added dimension. Select a rustic hand-crafted tile for the walls it could be of a strong color or a delicate geometric patterns based on your preference. Be sure the tile is of high-gloss finish and an undertone that is warm to make it blend into the other hues in the room.

Utilize bare wood chopping board as well as a variety of ceramics and ornamental glassware to add to the atmosphere. Gold accents in your tapware and lighting can add an air of lavish opulence, but for those who want something more contemporary go for nickel.

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A modern take on Moroccan design is to make use of architectural elements to inspire you and then decorate them with cool neutrals. For instance, a striking arched alcove, choose the bright white as your base, and then add neutrals over it, for example, a cream crackle tile, wood, or the grey marble worktop. We especially love this vibrant hue on the units to give that pop of color common to Moroccan design kitchens.

Keep the floor bare with a plain tones wood-effect tile so that it adds the appearance of wood, but not warmth the space, leaving the tiles to talk for themselves.

Add the addition of stone accessories, rattan basketry as well as neutral linens and crystal clear glassware. The subtle addition of brass can add an extra dimension to the overall look.


Beige is definitely in fashion and again, but this time, we’re not talking about boring magnolias We’re talking about grain depth, texture, and texture while offering a soothing and room that is neutral.

Untreated Pine is an ideal alternative for creating a blank canvas . It has texture. However, you must try different sealants to make sure that the wood doesn’t have an orange hue so that you can experience the pureness of the natural pine colour. If you are able, apply the same colour of wood on your window and door frames to create a monochromatic look.

For walls, go with subtle decorative tiles which adds interest and appeal without colour and the same for the floor. For the ultimate Moroccan look, choose something similar to flagstone to give an authentic look.

Finish the look with darkly glazed ceramics walnut wood furniture and the famous rug with a pattern that reminds of the souks in Marrakech.


While it’s not the most common style of Moroccan décor, it can be an excellent option to give a contemporary approach to the rustic look. If you have an old-fashioned range hood, turn it into the focal point by using a smooth finish that’s known as “orange peel” to create an old-fashioned wall. It is then contrasted with a rustic but ultra-glossy completed wall tile in black. It’ll create a dramatic kitchen hood, and establish the style for the remainder of the Moroccan kitchen.

You can tap into the classic use of tiles made of quarry on the floor, but give it a modern twist by picking a distinct black colour. It will give a matte texture, but will not add colour to the room.

To make the room appear more stylish to make it more appealing, include a touch of brass on the doors to your unit as well as taps and accessories. You can also add subtle patterns of natural design in the accessories, such as wood, rattan and marble.