Is a coworking space in Cyprus worth it?

coworking space in Cyprus

We currently live in a gig economy. The number of freelancers and other employees working in pajamas is increasing rapidly. This situation has given rise to co-working spaces in big cities.

Co-working spaces are offices crafted for remote workers, furnished with desks, conference rooms, lounge, Wireless Network, receptionist, and even free refreshments sometimes. Remote workers from various firms can pay for these spaces daily, weekly or monthly. It simply gives you a simulation of a real office.

A lot of remote workers find coworking space beneficial. Others think it’s just a rip-off. If you’re caught up in this fix, we have put together the benefits and downsides to streamline your decision.

Benefits of Co-working space

No doubt, the advantages of a coworking space are enough and cannot be exhausted here. But let’s highlight a few.

Increase productivity 

At first glance, working from home seems like a good opportunity to do the little stuff at home. But in the long run, these activities can cause drawbacks to your productivity. From crying babies and cleaning the house to other emergencies that may come up, you realize a large amount of time is wasted daily.

By co-working space, create a “work mode” mindset that increases productivity. They are designed to suit various work styles and are accessible 24/7. Watching other people work can be inspiring enough to keep you motivated.

Networking Opportunities 

This is perhaps one of the best advantages of coworking spaces. Working in such an environment allows you to connect with people that can drive your business forward. From coworking spaces, you can build partnerships and brainstorm with like-minded companies.

Flexible Working Schedule 

With coworking spaces, you can whenever you want. For those with multiple coworking spaces in different locations, you can work anywhere so long you are a registered member. Employers can give staff an office ambiance without relocating them.

State of art office Equipment and facilities 

Most coworking spaces are well furnished and equipped with amazing amenities. You can have access to restaurants, lounges and exercise facilities. The best part is you don’t have to worry about WiFi, maintenance, launch, or utility. Everything is furnished and ready to go.

The downside of co-working space

To balance the equation, let’s check out the downside of coworking space. Although the advantages of a coworking space outweigh the disadvantages, let’s take a look. 

An additional expense

What coworking space has to offer doesn’t come free. The cost can range from $100 for shared tables to $1500 for private offices per month depending on the location and perks. Commuting is another expense that comes with it. It might not be a great option for low earnings freelancers and remote workers that live from paycheck to paycheck.

Loud and crowded

If you enjoy working in a serene environment and you get distracted easily by chatter, coworking space might not be the perfect fit for you. Except you opt for the private office which can be exorbitant.

Bottom Line

Although these spaces come with extra cost and perhaps a long commute, it gives you a chance to be productive and network with people. It will be great to try one so long the cost and distance suit your working conditions. It might be all you need to stay disciplined, improve productivity, create new connections and build new partnerships. Finally, reach out to Soho Cyprus to help you get an affordable coworking office space.