Is CA exam series valuable for graduates?

CA exam series

The CA exam series is a workout before a real exam. The student answers questions, then checks with the correct answers and analyzes the mistakes. A CA exam series is needed to test knowledge and calm down a little before a real test. In short, such training increases the real score and calms the nerves.

How to organize CA exam series?

You can organize a CA exam series on your own or take it at an educational center. If you are organizing it yourself, imagine you are taking a real exam: sit in a quiet place and answer questions for four 3 hours. Then match your answers with the answer keys if you want to evaluate your performance.

The second option is to take a CA exam series at an official ICAI educational center. Everything will be there as in a real exam: envelopes, forms, experts who check the work. You can take it in a group or alone.

It is better to pass the CA exam series a couple of times. For example, in early March and late April. At this time, CA aspirants almost complete their syllabus, there is time for repetition and tracking progress.

Why take CA exam series?

While you are writing your CA exam series, learn to time management, fill out forms, and write clean copy. During the real exam, there is no chance of such a thing – you need to answer quickly and correctly.

Not all students know how to work with concentration for four hours in a row. This is simply not taught in school. Therefore, sometimes at the state exam, you only have enough strength for an hour or two.

The CA exam series will show you how to properly allocate time to answer the maximum number of questions correctly.

Transferring answers from draft to clean copy is a matter of practice. You need to understand the structure of the exam and methodically transfer all the data. If you do not write trial ones, then on a real exam you can panic and confuse the answers. If you transfer incorrect data to a clean copy, you will lose points.

What then?

After the CA exam series, you need to work on the errors. Deal with difficult questions, learn the answers to them. After a month, repeat the CA exam series and check the results. It should work out a little better every time!

When you start repeating the syllabus then you must work with CA exam series. The main advantages of taking the CA exam series are mentioned below:

  • Save time during test preparation and examination tasks.
  • Use easily. Minimum of the mastering functions that take you around half an hour.
  • Accumulation and systemization in electronically safe storage of examination material.
  • Develop skills for instructors and students in working with new technology.
  • Encouraging learners to learn. They repetitively use their familiar surroundings – a computer and the Internet, while they study the stuff they have learnt.