Is Germany a good option for a master’s in tourism?

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Germany is among the countries with the highest tourism rate. According to, Germany is one of the most popular tourist destinations by the number of arrived visitors in 2019. With 39.6 million visitors in 2019, Germany is the ninth most visited country in the world. As Germany offers a myriad of attractions, many tourists from all over the world visit the nation to experience its rich history, unique architecture, and cultural influence. As a result, tourism is a significant and profitable industry in Germany.

Pursuing an MA in tourism and hospitality is entirely worthwhile in Germany as the nation is home to many reputable and well-known universities that offer excellent education opportunities. That’s not all. As tourism significantly contributes to the German economy, there are limitless job opportunities available in Germany’s travel and tourism sector. Therefore, German universities cover all the aspects of the tourism industry in the syllabus they offer to equip students with job-ready skills. The course is tailor-made to prepare students for the real world by bridging the gap between theory and practice. So, studying tourism and hospitality in Germany is a better return on investment.

MA in tourism and hospitality: An Overview

Master of Arts (MA) in tourism and hospitality is an 18-month degree programme tailored for students with the vision of becoming future business leaders on the global level. The course aims to provide the practical skills necessary for managing tourism.

In addition, students develop the management and leadership competencies required to succeed in the tourism sector. Students will develop essential management concepts during the course, such as business strategy, operations management, project management, and cross-cultural leadership. The course teaches to apply management and business concepts to the tourism industry. Studying MA in tourism and hospitality will build students’ current knowledge and familiarise them with the latest trends in the tourism industry.

Subjects covered in MA in tourism and hospitality

The syllabus of the MA in tourism and hospitality course covers various subjects, such as tourism and hospitality business strategy, strategic approach in marketing planning for hospitality, hospitality operations management, event management, strategic issues in tourism, financial analysis of hospitality enterprises, marketing, advertising, cross-cultural management, international project management, entrepreneurship in tourism and events, and business decision-making for the hospitality industry.

Career opportunities after MA in tourism and hospitality

A wide array of career options and business opportunities are available for students upon successfully completing the MA in tourism and hospitality course. The following are the top-paying tourism and hospitality careers in Germany:

  1. Public Relations Manager
  2. Tour Manager
  3. Commercial Director
  4. Entertainment Manager
  5. Accommodation Manager
  6. Catering Manager
  7. Hotel Manager
  8. Event Manager
  9. Conference Centre Manager
  10. Travel Manager

Entry requirements

Do you have what it takes to study for a master’s degree in tourism and hospitality in Germany? Check your eligibility below:

  1. The minimum age to apply for the course must be 21.
  2. A strong bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  3. Proficiency in the English language.

If yes, shortlist the university you want to attend. Visit their official websites, create your account, provide complete personal information, fill out the application form, and pay the non-refundable application fee online.