Know the best health insurance company with a better claim in India

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There are numerous best health insurance companies are available in India to buy a health insurance policy. The majority of health insurance companies provide the best options to buy the right health insurance plan.

These companies come with great offers and features in their health insurance plans. However, it isn’t easy to understand which insurer is the best one as per your requirements.

Based on coverage benefits and features, here is the list of the top- 5 health insurance companies in India-

Health Insurance companyNo of hospitals in networkIncurred Claim Ratio
Aditya Birla Health insurance6000 +59%
Bajaj Alliance6500 +85%
Bharti AXA4500+89%
Care Health7400 +55%

Factors for deciding the best health insurance company

Every health insurance company offers different features and facilities for its customers. One can select the company as per their health goals. Here are some parameters based on which you can choose the best health insurance company-

  • Variety of health insurance plans

Providing a variety of health insurance plans is a significant parameter of comparison. Select the insurance company based on policy requirements and the variety of available health insurance plans.

  • Network of cashless hospitals

Always look for the bigger cashless hospital network. The bigger the network, the more comfort you get.

  • The ratio of claim settlement

This ratio defines the total no. of health claims settled by the insurer. Go with a higher claim settlement.

  • Reliable customer support

Good quality customer support is the best feature of any insurer. Choose a health insurance company which have 24/7 customer support.

  •  Digital Presence

Select the insurer based on their track record and digital presence. It is essential to have an online presence in the current scenario, which means you don’t have to go to the insurer’s office or manage documents manually.

  • Easy claim procedure

The process of claim settlement should not be complex. First, find a company with minimal TPA and paperwork.

  • Feedback and reviews from the previous clients

Feedback and reviews play a vital role while selecting the insurer as you get a clear picture after reading the sentiments about that company. In addition, it helps in making decisions.

Max Bupa health insurance plans

Max Bupa has settled around 54 % of insurance claims in 2018-2019, and this company provides insurance plans for all age groups. Here are some benefits of Max Bupa health insurance plans –

  • Custom made plans for individual’s health care needs
  • Get international coverage for 9 critical illnesses in 190 countries
  • Get cashless claims authorization in 30 minutes
  • Get cover for life-threatening diseases

Max bupa health insurance plans is among the best health insurance service provider. Take a health insurance plan as per your requirement and medical history.

Look for the above-defined factors once you decide to buy a health insurance plan for yourself or your family. Compare the given factors and study the details of the offered plans before purchasing one or you. Find the best health insurance policy and buy as per your health coverage goals,