LanguageNoBar Adds More Rare Languages To Its Portfolio!

Already working in 150+ languages, LanguageNoBar adds more rare languages to its

The advent of globalization has led to an increase in the usage of translation services in various domains because communication is the only way through which anyone can reach out to the masses across the world. With thousands of languages and accents in play, communication needs to be accurate as it helps in fostering a dialogue between different and diverse sectors of society.

Any organization looking to initiate a new business or an event in a foreign country requires a reliable translation service so that the message is delivered accurately to the native speakers.  And when dealing with rare languages one needs to be specialised, skilled, thorough and competent enough to provide a meaningful and accurate translation.

Translating rare languages can be one of the most daunting tasks, because it requires specialized translating resources and skills. Given the rare and exotic nature of these languages means the native speakers of these languages are less. While the translation of exotic languages could be seen as a growing challenge for the translation industry, LanguageNoBar is one of the very few service companies that has been actually offering accurate and meaningful translations to various organisations and top brands of the world.

Being an ISO certified language Translation Company, LanguageNoBar provides high quality, precise and professional translation services worldwide. With more than 10,000 native translators, linguists, editors and proofreaders, this translation agency has professionals with specialized skills and expertise in various industries – Medical, Elearning, Technical, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Business, Survey, Marketing, Hospitality and Manufacturing.

Rare languages contain a wealth of cultural information, and accurate translations require linguists who can ensure accuracy and consistency of style and usage with rare languages. Certain words and jargons have different meanings in different cultures and hence, the content requires to be specifically suited for the target audience. Also a careful quality or review process is required to ascertain that the final product is an error-free, linguistically and semantically sound version of the original material. 

By adding numerous rare languages like Albanian, Dari, Ewe, Khmer, Acholi, Dzongkha, Mien, Dinka, Karen, Yoruba, Oromo and more, LanguageNoBar has ensured that companies and individuals get the most accurate and error-free translation services in the language of their requirements. The team has translators who are skilled proficiently in the subject and conversion that is being asked for, including rare languages. To ensure the highest quality of translations, all the translations are proofread, verified and checked by both the translators as well as the quality team. The company follows a strict process of qualifying linguists for rare languages and takes every measure to make sure that the resources have the proper education, experience and acumen to translate into their target language.

As a premium language translation company, LanguageNoBar is dedicated to customer satisfaction and generates the desired results that help the patron company to make significant business progress. Thorough knowledge of translation and subject is required for precise and consistent translation and the proficient translators and the efficient project management team of LanguageNoBar provide translations in quick turnaround time, without compromising the quality.

Undertaking a cost benefit analysis when making a new business decision is important for any organization and the same applies to while opting for professional translation services. While the rarity of the language and the particular language pairing can all have an impact on the overall price of a translation, LanguageNoBar has been providing the most competitive prices in the industry.  Also, their support team works round the clock and one can get their announcement, letter or document translated into the rare languages without any hassle.

As globalisation is taking over the world, brands want to reach the masses in their native languages and are going local to increase their user base. Organizations today know that there is a huge market of ‘non-English’ speakers that are yet to be tapped (Techeest). As more and more marketers are looking to create a sense of reliability with the audience, they are increasing their reach to the native market by using the local language spoken by them and translating their content in that language. This helps in building trust with potential customers and create a hyperlocal feel by not branding the organisation as “foreign”.

When translating your business language to an extinct language, one needs to hire the best translation company that has technical and language expertise to provide error-free translations. By creating a robust network of rare or exotic language translators, LanguageNoBar has been helping businesses to achieve their objective by communicating with their audiences in their local languages.

About The Company

LanguageNoBar is a certified Language Service Provider, offering professional and quality translation and localization services in 150+ languages to various corporate clients and business organizations. The company has a network of over 10,000 native translators who are skilled proficiently in the subject and conversion that is being asked for and provide excellent, accurate, error-free translations with utmost confidentiality and transparent work flow. With years of expertise in various domains, LanguageNoBar has been providing translation solutions to even the most complex subject matter translation problems. By providing utmost confidentiality LanguageNoBar ensures that all the documents and information stays private.