Leading Supination Shoes On The Market Today

supination shoes

Supination is a foot condition where the alignment is generally extended to the outside edge. This condition creates imbalances in the distribution of body weight and may lead to serious health issues. This condition can be inherited or someone can develop it at any age. Nonetheless, you still need to run and work out even after realizing that you have supination. Here is a quick list of shoes that should give you extra cushioning and a neutral feel for comfort and a healthy running experience. 

  1. Brooks Ghost 14 

First things first. The top of our list is this Brooks Ghost 14 shoe. The shoe feels very comfortable and is quickly responsive to tempo sessions. Therefore, you can be sure to handle light trials easily as a workhorse. 

2.      Adidas SolarGlide 4 

When it is Adidas then you know that it is legit. This Adidas SolarGlide 4 shoe comes with proven reasons for its comfort. The midsole that uses soft and responsive boast form is the basis for its comfortability. Besides, it is also reinforced with an EVA rim as an extra overhang for better support. 

3.      Glycerin 19 

Glycerin 19 is the answer to women with supination. The shoe comes with extra cushioning features for a general feel-good inside the shoe. It is designed to cushion the light women’s foot that can lead to easy abrasion between the foot and the insole. However, the interiors of the Glycerin 19 ensure that the foot is kept comfortable with very soft material to avoid friction and abrasions. 

4.      Saucony Endorphin Speed 

We could not end our list without mentioning Saucony Endorphin Speed. This is the best pick for supination shoes for speeds. If you want to run half marathons and long distances, then this is the pick for you. The shoe offers maximum support to both the arch and the ankles for extended running time. Therefore, it will make you feel neutral and intact throughout the marathon and cushion your feet from any misalignment. When used extensively, Saucony endorphin speed can correct the misalignment of the foot and lead to a normal foot balance. 

5.      Hyperion Tempo 

Another pick for women with seven colors to choose from. This shoe is best for extra hard training. Therefore, it is the best choice for women who wish to run more miles or burn more calories on the treadmill. Women with supination and who wish to spend extra time on the belt should then consider the shoes for better foot alignment and protection. 

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