Long Torso Girdle and Latex Sport Waist Trainer: Few Things to Note

Sport Waist Trainer

Waist trainers have become popular in the market and among the women folk. The reason is not farfetched. Waist trainers have some benefits which make users opt for them. Some of these benefits are having an hourglass shape which is covered by many, helps in weight control, helps postpartum mothers recover their natural weight and can also aid in good posture.

Because of this reason, there are many types of waist trainers in the market. This article will be concentrating on two. Long torso girdle and latex waist trainer, what are they? Let us delve in.

Long Torso Girdle

A long torso girdle is a waist trainer that is perfectly fitting for women with long torsos and body types.

If you have tummy fat or back fat, a long torso girdle is what you need to hide them. Apart from hiding them, you have the hourglass shape because this girdle molds and shapes your body. You look slimmer and feel awesome.

Latex Sport Waist Trainer

It is a waist trainer made of latex material. Most high-quality waist trainers are made with this stretchy but sturdy material. It provides a large amount of compression and is very durable. With it, you can achieve your heart desires and can also use it while training. It is not too tight and doesn’t cause excessive sweating.

The part which most women love about these waist trainers is that you can wear them under clothes. You can breathe comfortably in it and you will even forget you are wearing anything.

Why are Waist Trainers Highly Recommended?

Long torso girdle, latex sport waist trainer and other waist trainers help in achieving your heart desires. Maybe yours is to have a perfect shape, shed some tummy weight, control your weight or have good posture; a waist trainer is a good bet. Coupled with exercise and eating well, you are sure to be glad with a waist trainer. They are comfortable to wear. You can wear them under your sportswear, gym wear or even your office wear.

What to consider when buying a long torso girdle

You don’t just buy any waist trainer. You should buy what will work perfectly for you. You should consider these things:

1. Material

Latex material is the sure bet. Apart from being stretchy and firm, it delivers amazing compression properties. And when taken good care of, it can last for a long time .

2. Size

Correct sizing is very important. Make sure you get a proper waist trainer in order to achieve your desire. Ensure you measure your waistline correctly. Avoid too tight girdles and don’t wear too loose ones.

3. Torso length

This is very important. If you are taller than five feet, six inches, a long torso girdle is what you should go for. How do you measure torso length? Start from the neck base to your hips.

There are other factors to consider (comfort, adjustability, boning, etc.). The above listed are very important.


Are you struggling with losing some fat around your tummy or backside? A long torso girdle may be all you need. Considering the best material for a waist trainer? Latex is it.