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Chaise ottoman
Chaise ottoman

Furniture is an essential part of the house. House is incomplete without perfect furniture. One should select the furniture according to their home décor. The right selection of furniture worth your money as well. A chaise Ottoman is a category of chairs. The name comes from the French word in the 19th century that means long chair.t takes the name in 19 century.

A Chaise ottoman lounge or long chairs gives comfortable sitting and relaxation. These chairs are long enough to allow you to put your feet on them as well. An ancient chair now available in different types and textures to make your home décor up to mark.

Types of Chaise Ottoman:

  • Ottoman Chairs: The chaise ottoman chairs are utilized for both indoor and open-air furniture and have a long seat with comfortable cushioning to support your legs as well.

Indoor chaise ottoman chairs generally have padding to feel more comfortable and relaxing and have an adjustable backrest as well.

  • Bench Ottoman: The bench-style ottoman couch is usually backless and is wider than other styles of the ottoman lounge.
  • Victorian: These types of ottoman collection comes from English design and is expensive than others. This style focuses on ornate details, like sculpted designs in the base, legs, and woodwork and opulent upholstery with fine finishes.
  • French Meridian: a meridian style daybed has an asymmetrical design. The high headrest and low ottoman have a slanting back that may highlight extra subtleties.
  • Duchess brisee: Duchess brisee style is known for having two parts:
  • the chair
  • long footstool to offer support to your feet
  • Recamier: this style relax is known for having two raised ends called an armrest and nothing on the long sides between them.
  • Fainting Couch: Fainting couches are the individuals who have possibly one or two armrests, and a low, half, or no back.

Fabrics used in Chaise Ottoman Lounges:

Fabrics add the final look to the furniture and there are different types of fabrics available in the market to customized furniture look according to your taste and décor.

Different types of fabric used for chaise ottoman are mentioned below:

  • The linen, plush and suede is a modern upholstery used to style indoor chaise ottoman chairs. These fabrics are durable and are easy to clean. These fabrics are styled with quilted textures and stud buttons as well.
  • Another fabric used for ottoman chaise chairs is “leather”. Leather goes with both outdoor and indoor ottoman chairs. Leather includes styling chaise lounges are full-grain, bonded leather, Nubuck leather, top grain leather, split-grain leather, faux leather, Bi-cast leather and so on.
  • Microfiber is also used to style chaise ottoman chairs. It is more comfortable and very easy to maintain. They are stain resistants.
  • The Polyester fabric holds its shape and resilience and prevents your furniture from getting a saggy look over time.


  • They can be used in any room.
  • Both outdoor and indoor.
  • Multifunctional chairs.
  • Retro styles and never get out of fashion.
  • Comfortable and extra seating.
  • Provide feet support as well.

Storage availability:

Yes, the chaise ottoman lounge collection offered storage space as well. They have wide storage space used to hold your stuffs. Chaise ottoman chairs for kids room is an additional investment as it provides them to store their toys as well.

How to select the right chaise ottoman chairs?

  • Consider the shape of chaise ottoman chairs
  • Consider the space of your home and select accordingly.
  • Choose the right height for your ottoman chaise chair. The right height provides you with more comfort.
  • If you are considering buying two sets of chaise ottoman or want to add the chaise ottoman chair with other furniture then do consider the shape of ottoman shape. Balancing the shape of an ottoman chair with other furniture adds an amazing look to your home decor.