Installing Outdoor Tiles Over a Wood Deck

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Is the vibrant color around your hardwood deck fading gradually? Are you starting to spot striking differences, such as the appearance of spots in certain places? If this is the case, then the most likely possibility is that your deck has become worn out and that you should look into installing outdoor tiles instead.

The issue is that restoring its splendor can become a little hard if the wood begins to lose its shine and luster. Additionally,  no one wants mediocre quality wood in their midst anyway. Therefore, to ensure that your deck is able to remain functioning seamlessly and you don’t end up breaking the bank later on either, we present to you a few outdoor tiles, and their options, which will prove to come in handy.

Excited already? Well, so are we! Continue browsing to familiarize yourself with some outstanding outdoor tile options you can opt for over a wooden deck!

Why is it necessary to install outdoor tiles over a Wooden Deck?

Maintenance is key when you want the lifespan of your house to remain extended. If, for instance, your wooden deck is dilapidated – the flooring is loose and appears whitewashed, then that signals trouble, and that too, a lot of it!

This is because when you don’t end up installing some tiles over this deck, it eventually becomes a haven for rodents and mice. Not only this, but you also risk moisture exposure, which continues to be the case can then lead to water molecules being trapped on your floor, which may result in an overwhelming odor.

Hence, if you want others to admire your exterior, then what takes precedence is making sure that your wooden deck looks as good as new. This is as important as making sure that the presentation of a dish is well; if, for instance, the exterior is badly presented, then we are sure that you wouldn’t want to eat it either. The same is with your household – if the outside is under-presented, no one will then be bothered by how well decorated your interiors are.

What are some key factors to pay heed to before installing Outdoor Tiles?

A crucial aspect that we have to explore now is understanding what certain components must be considered before moving forward with the installation process.

They are,

Assessing the Structure of your Wooden Deck

Is your structure creaking and becoming highly delicate? Suppose you are even slightly suspicious of this being the case. In that case, we recommend that you look for certain structural warnings, such as brittle or soggy wood planks. The screws had become weakened, a strange, out-of-the-ordinary odor, which may suggest the wood to have become rotten, and lastly, for chances of an infestation.

Where there is damage, and putrid scents involved, bacteria will certainly grow there, and that too by exponential amounts. Therefore, swiftly identifying all of these conditions before it is too late is of prime importance.

Scrutinizing the Deck’s condition

Looking at the structure is one thing, and the condition is yet another. You often need to check whether the wood has been eaten away by termites, or is rotten.

This will be something you’ll be able to tell by getting a closer glimpse of the wood deck. If it is the former, that can easily be taken care of by replacing the deck with some beautiful outdoor tiles. But if it is the latter, you will need to call a specialist, who will ensure that the termites and any under-infestation have been taken care of before the installation of new tiles.

Once you have checked the above, the final question which then needs to be catered to is,

What kind of outdoor tiles should one be installing over their Wooden Deck?

You have a few options available here, depending on the kind of material outdoor tiles that you wish to install. The most popular ones are,

Going safe with the Wood

Most people prefer the wooden tiles over their worn-out deck because it elevates its scenery to a ten-fold degree. It looks aesthetically pleasing, and if you are careful, and live in a moderate climate area, then such tiles will last you for a good amount of time.

Moreover, they are also highly affordable and, because of their visually attractive color scheme, have become a commendable force to be reckoned with in the competition for outdoor tiles.

Composite Decking Tiles

Some people prefer this to be a better alternative than wooden tiles. This is because this material is durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and the installation is also relatively easy.

Those homeowners who are looking forward to renovating their households in style and that too when on a budget should try these composite tiles out!

Rubber Decking Tiles

The tiles at hand have the ability to remain cooler when contrasted with the concrete ones. Moreover, these tiles don’t get very hot or cold either, which means they have excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.

In addition to the above, there is also slip resistance which guarantees your safety above everything else. For those homeowners, who want to minimize the chances of decay and make sure that simultaneously they are able to amplify the style of their house, this is for YOU!

The Bottom Line: Good Decking Outdoor Tiles Matter!

As long as your decking tiles don’t appear to be outdated, old, or creak, you are good to go! In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend – what takes precedence is whether the amount you intend on spending will guarantee the optimal results you are hoping for? If the answer is in the affirmative, then whether you go for rubber, plastic, or wooden outdoor tiles, it doesn’t matter!