Incredibly Easy Methods To Promote Your Business With Custom Cardboard Boxes

cardboard boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are one of your most valuable branding vehicles that can expand the reach of your business. Unlike traditional packaging solutions that can only pack products, these packages are a black canvas for your brand marketing. With the help of them, you can easily send a strong message to the people in the form of your brand values and principles. Just like the traditional marketing campaigns, they create a distinction to sell your custom box packaging more effectively. Advertising through them might sound simple. But, you need to achieve the right balance between the design and graphics for creating a connection between your brand and customers. 

Emphasize on touchpoints:

Each of the brands out there in the market has its own unique touchpoints. These touchpoints convey what the mission of a company is and what it intends to avoid. If being transparent is your brand value, consider highlighting it through the custom cardboard packages. Use a special die-cutting technique to bring a factor of transparency into play. This design provides a sneak peek at the packaged items and relays that your brand has nothing to hide. Likewise, if your business is inspirational, try to add nice quotes and inspiring messages on the inside of boxes. When it comes to the design of packages, a little bit goes a long way, so you do not need to go overboard. If you do not do that, you mind end up confusing the customers who might not understand what value your business proposes. 

Signature visuals:

What comes to your mind when you think of the brand visuals? Probably, a corporate logo that symbolizes who you are. The visual identity of a brand is not restricted to the logos only, but it also extends to the colors and graphics. If you are a brand that uses “bold” as one of your identifiers, make sure to add bold colors to the soap boxes . The colors having a higher visual pitch like orange, red, and lime green could be a good option. Once you have selected a signature color, it is pertinent to stick with that to create your brand consistency. You might change your parent brand theme on specific events just to showcase your association with the festival. When selecting fonts to print your corporate message, make sure they match your brand’s personality. These special visuals will empower you to create your own identity in the market. 

Special press effects:

No doubt, high-impact visuals leave no stone unturned in making your brand noticeable in a retail setting. But, you must understand that the shopping experience goes far beyond just seeing the products. After the exciting wholesale cardboard boxes have impressed the target audience, they might be touched or held in hand. This secondary interaction with the packages also needs to provide a branded experience to create a distinction. The best technique in this aspect is to add special tactile features to the packages in the form of on-press embossing. You could also draw various patterns indicating your brand personality with the help of different coatings. The soft-touch coating is a prime example in this regard that creates a new experience for potential clients. This catering to the touch impacts of the customers leads towards an increased word of mouth about your brand. 

Go sustainable:

The excessive use of plastics is wreaking havoc on our waterways, oceans, and environment in general. Despite these effects, single-use plastic is still widely a popular choice of manufacturers. Cardboard boxes  are friendly towards the environment and appeal to a broader audience of eco-conscious customers. But, there are certain things that might hamper their recycling capacity. Some traditional coatings and petroleum-based inks are difficult to remove during the process of recycling. If you want to promote the ecological side of your business, make sure you avoid using these things. The packaging that is completely eco-friendly gets appreciated largely. Not just that, but the audience also becomes more receptive and responsive towards the marketing message printing on it. 

Ensure great unboxing:

The experience someone has when opening up a packages tells the whole story of your brand. It is, at this moment, the customers build perceptions regarding you in their mind. You might have seen the unboxing of Apple products. This company provides a multi-step unboxing, with each step bringing more excitement among the people. The unboxing of your items should be just like that. Make sure that your packages are custom fit to the items inside, and careful attention is paid to the presentation as well. Such a design sends positive vibes among the target audience that your business cares about delivering memorable experiences. These experiences might get documented on the social media platforms of YouTube and Instagram in the form of videos. So, you will get an online promotion where thousands of people will be sharing and viewing you. 

Custom cardboard boxes provide you the real space to express your brand message and marketing simultaneously. To leverage their true promotional potential, design them out with your signature visual identities and focus on your brand values. Good unboxing experiences with nice little gifts and appreciations also send positive vibes and generate positive word of mouth.