Pros and Cons of Designing Your Own Logo


Allusive or not, a logo has to be definitive and easy to understand. It is going to be the face and value of your business/ brand. Having a good and easy-to-recognize logo will not only help your business to get a boost but also a recurring value. Where most people neglect the designing of a logo, many have understood its real importance. Whatsoever, we have listed down a list of pros and cons for you that will help in deciding whether designing a logo for you is important or not.

The pros and cons are decided based on multiple parameters but don’t forget that designing a logo is an expert thing but there is still a tussle amongst people on what should be the right thing. Should brands consult the experts who have been doing this work for a long time now, or they should simply get it done on their own. So, we will be discussing the same thing here in this blog. Let’s have a look at both sides of the story to understand which is better– designing the logo on your own or getting expert advice on the same.

Pros of designing for your own logo

They are cheap

One of the most important things that a person should keep in mind while designing a logo is that it takes up a lot of resources when you start doing it. Especially, when you want to customize it multiple times. Logo designing becomes cheap if you do that yourself. No matter what, you get a better design in less time and the repetition or editing becomes less. That’s because you make something from your head and it is closely how you want it to be.

You get a lot of suggestions

When you don’t outsource your logo designing, it becomes so much better to get your stuff done quickly and without any hiccups. Also, you have an entire company to tell whether your design is good or not.

A more consolidated logo

Many people won’t understand the importance of a logo until it’s too late. At times, when the delivery of a logo is done by the creator, then a lot of suggestions come in making it difficult to adhere to all the suggestions. This is one of the best and most important pros of designing your logo and that’s getting a consolidated design. During an in-house designing, you remain there at every step. From outlining to coloring the logo. So, if you are not liking anything you can suggest that to the expert right at that moment.

The process becomes quicker

If you get your logo designed from someone else, outside your company, the process will surely take time. And it can be exhaustive too. Firstly, it is because you will have to chase the designing company, which you would not have to do when doing it in-house. Secondly, the process you follow throughout the working becomes streamline. You do not have to keep emailing and contacting the logo providers for assistance.

You get to learn more about things

You know your business better than anyone, so maybe you are the best bet for your business. But irrespective of this fact, when you design your own logo; you learn about a lot of things through this process. Not only do you make your changes according to the knowledge building process but a lot more.

Cons of Designing You Own Logo


There are many experts online like Designhill Logo Maker. The experts here have a good understanding on how to create a logo for different businesses. They have a better expertise on what should be done and what can be a better logo. And those who have already made thousands of logos for multiple brands have a better chance of making a great logo for your business too. If you design your own logo, you refrain yourself from enjoying this expertise.

You May Not Be Able to Capture Your Brand

Do you know what is the most important and critical thing when it comes to making a logo? It is the expertise of capturing your brand in the logo design. This means, your logo should be highly equipped to tell what your brand is going to do and what all things are going to be a part of their services and products. A brand’s logo speaks more than anything and if you do not consult an expert, you might lose on this important thing.

Don’t get the Expert Advice

One of the most important things while designing a logo is getting expert advice.

But when you design your website on your own, it becomes difficult to get that, right? You don’t get expert advice. And when you connect with someone who only deals in making website logos like Designhill you can see the suggestions and inspirations of the experts. There is truly a huge difference in both these things.

You Might Lose a Better Chance to Getting a Good Logo

Another thing that can be your miss out on this; if you do your logo all by yourself (in the office); it might not give you a chance to get a better logo. Yes, you heard that right! The regular designers have multiple clients, they have also worked on the type of design you want. Your business and things related to it, multiple brands have already worked on them; isn’t it? So, they might already know what would be the best logo for a brand like your.


There are multiple ways to define the pros and cons of a logo. People have different parameters and definitions that state the importance of designing a logo. If you are planning to build a brand or a company, for you a logo is of utmost importance. If you are clueless on how to build a convincing logo then Designhill is here for you. Do check out the website and see what all features and functions they have in their website for you. Try to connect with their experts and know the tricks to make their logo better and convincing.