Provide Sales Support Tools for Facilitators

Provide Sales Support Tools for Facilitators

To analyze the results of your commercial animation it is necessary to set up sales support tools and, in particular, tools to capture prospects. This is all the more relevant if your goal is to acquire new customers.

To do this, prefer a CRM (your customer database) that can be used on the move (on a computer, tablet, or smartphone-like and use it on the stand to record the data of the prospects who have participated. Commercial animation: name, first name, email, need and interest, etc. All in accordance with the GDPR. Thus, you will be able to do a post-event commercial follow-up (subject of the next part). If your goal is upselling or satisfying customers, CRM will allow you to:

Communicate customer information to facilitators (or salespeople on-site) and thus have an even more personalized customer experience. To feedback information to the account managers in particular if they are not present during the animation. Take care of the commercial follow-up If you recorded prospect information in your customer relations software during your sales animation, you can, among other things:

Send a personalized thank you email

Attach the jacamo discount code, promo code, or the commercial offer and the deadline. Add this prospect in an automation scenario to do lead nurturing. The latter will receive personalized, educational, or promotional emails to make the commercial relationship lasts over time (at +7, 15, 30, or 45 days following the event). The goal? If he was not yet ready to buy during the sales animation, “mature” his thinking so that the act of buying can be done later. Calculate the performance of this trading action.

Reporting and ROI calculation

Like any marketing or sales action, it is essential to calculate your return on investment. Having a management and reporting process for sales events is therefore essential. During a commercial animation, you will, of course, have costs:

Communication of staff (whether you want to send your sales representatives or call on specialized companies) logistics (rental of a site, POS, etc.). No longer tell your n + 1 “Yes, but there has been traffic on the stand” In front of these expenses, your manager will probably ask you, “How much is this earning me?”. If you only have a number of participants, visitors, the expenses will be difficult to justify.

So, analyze:

Sales and contract signatures that have been generated several leads generated – leads that must represent potential sales value since they are likely to buy later. Having these figures will also allow you to share them later with the marketing team, who can calculate the CAC or customer acquisition cost and ensure follow-up. Combine your commercial activities with marketing actions in your business development strategy, don’t just rely on animations.

First of all, because they are generally expensive, short-term, and because you want to test the different acquisition and retention methods to determine which ones bring you the most results.

Combine these actions with long-term actions, for example:

The creation or redesign of a website must be your number 1 salesperson, particularly thanks to conversion forms linked to your salespeople’s mailboxes. A content strategy delivered via a corporate blog to be visible on Google throughout the year (regardless of your advertising investments) when your prospect searches for your products.

Train your salespeople in prospecting on LinkedIn, social selling. Know that 90% of the best salespeople in a business use social selling (source: Forbes).

A commercial animation is an action that requires significant resources (time, money, etc.). To be successful, it requires a defined strategic preparation, the right tools, and the implementation of reporting processes.

Finally, do not rely solely on this means of promotion and diversify the actions: creating a websiteinbound marketing, social networks, etc.


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