Purpose of Digital Pneumatic Regulator in Medical field

Digital Pneumatic Regulator

If you don’t know much about digital pneumatic regulator equipment then you have landed in the right place. In this post, you are going to find out what these regulator tools are and also about their main function. Digital regulators are actually the devices that can be used for easy management of pressure which was not possible in the past. In the past, people had to rely on mechanical regulators. The mechanical devices were not at all easy to use. Moreover, the results of the mechanical devices were not at all accurate which is why today’s electronic air regulator is preferred. The main reason behind the lack of accuracy was human interference and lack of inlet pressure stability. The mechanical devices were only capable of maintaining the outlet pressure as long as the inlet pressure was stable. Any fluctuating would and still result in malfunctioning.

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To avoid any human errors and malfunction in high pressure management it is suggested that a digital pneumatic regulator shall be used. The electro pneumatic regulator is the device that is capable of maintaining output pressure in a pneumatic system even if the inlet pressure stream is not stable. These digital devices use push and vent valves which can easily bring down high pressure down to a lower register.

Today digital pneumatic regulator tools are being used in different applications and for different purposes. It is important that you choose the model of electronic pressure control valve which would suit your requirements. At the time of choosing the equipment you need to consider the following things:

  • You need to measure in the inlet and outlet operating pressure
  • You need to check the flow requirements of gas, air or fluids in the system 
  • You need to check if any additional valve accessories are required 
  • You need to check which material is compatible with the digital pneumatic regulator
  • You need to select the model on the basis of features like port type or knob style

What purpose does the digital pneumatic regulator serve in the medical field?

As we have told you earlier, the digital pressure regulators are being used for different applications. You can see the use of proportional air regulators in the medical industry all around the globe. You must know that in hospitals these regulators are used to manage the pressure of oxygen in cylinders. The pressure of air in oxygen cylinders is quite high and it is important for the pressure to be reduced along with setting the flow. In the past mechanical knob, regulators were used for this purpose but they always resulted in loss and leakages.

But today if you are using the digital pneumatic regulator equipment then you don’t have to worry about accurate air pressure control. The operator/nurse just needs to set the required output pressure on the screen and let the regulator do its job. The digital regulator is going to manage the outlet pressure along with the flow. Moreover, it is going to tell the operator how much air is left in the cylinder before it suddenly goes off! Just make sure that you select the right model for medical use.

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