Essential Features That Real Estate CRM Must Have and Its Benefits


Just like any other business, a CRM tool is equally important for a real estate business. CRM tools offer a lot of benefits to real estate firms and help them grow their business and customer base.  

The following are the must-have features for a real estate CRM:

All-day customer support 

The main purpose of a CRM tool is to prioritize customer satisfaction and to enhance the customer experience. This is possible only when you are available for your customer as and when he or she needs your help. 

24 by 7 customer support is the main feature that any CRM tool should have. All your customer queries should be answered immediately through an automated response mechanism in the CRM software. 

Daily Planner

Your real estate CRM should have a daily planner for your sales to fix up schedules and appointments. The sales teams in a real estate firm are always on the go for site visits, customer meetings, promotions, etc. 

A daily planner helps the sales team to distribute their time in the most effective manner to ensure maximum efficiency. It also helps to remind the sales executives about important events and customer meetings. 

Property Catalog 

Having the complete details of the products that the business deals in is a must-have feature for any CRM software. Similarly, a real estate CRM must have a property catalog with all the details of the different properties, their location, pricing, area, and size, etc.

This helps the sales team to provide all the details of the property that the client is looking for immediately without wasting any time. This also enables the sales team to segregate the customers on the basis of their requirements and properties that they have viewed. 

Location Tracking 

Location tracking is a very important feature for a real estate CRM software. As the sales team is on the field most of the time for site visits, surveys, customer visits, etc, it is very important for the managers to keep a track of the location of the sales team. 

Whenever a sales executive goes for a customer visit, with the help of geo-tracking the manager can track the location of the sales executive. This helps to make sure that the sales team is not wasting any time and are working efficiently.

Mobile Compatibility 

Mobile compatibility is another must-have feature for any CRM tool. With the help of a mobile application of the CRM tool, the sales team and managers can access leads, contacts, calendars, followups, deals, tasks, events, etc, from wherever they are.

With the help of a mobile application, the sales team can immediately add customer data to the system as they meet the customer, which helps to save time and prevent errors. The mobile application also helps to give reminders and notifications about important events and meetings. 

Social Media Connection 

Your real estate CRM should be able to be integrated with all your social media platforms. The integration of your CRM with social media platforms helps to increase the effectiveness of your social media posts and ultimately increases customer engagement. 

To grow your social media presence, you need to invest in a CRM that allows you to monitor your engagement with the customers while providing access to new information about customer behavior.

By using tracking and monitoring tools, you can see on which social media platform you are getting the highest engagement and who is engaging in a conversation with your brand, reward brand advocates, and encourage them to spread the word further.

Easy of use 

Ease of use is one of the most important features of any CRM tool. The most common issue that you will hear from your sales team or manager is that CRM software is incredibly complex and difficult to use. It is very difficult for them to learn and use the CRM tool.

Your real estate CRM tool should be extremely easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time to adopt. The easier the interface, the lesser errors will occur. 

Automated Analytics 

Analytics is the most powerful weapon of any CRM software. CRM analytics helps you to get all the data and reports about the performance of your marketing campaigns, incoming leads, the performance of your sales team, conversion rate, most searched product, etc.

These reports and data help you to plan your future course of action. With the help of the CRM tool, you can get these reports and analytic with the click of one button and within no time. 

The following are the benefits of using real estate CRM

Managing multiple data sources 

A powerful real estate CRM software is designed to accept and organize data from multiple sources. Real estate buyers are scattered over plot of different platforms, websites, and social media groups, that’s the reason why CRM is needed to collect and organize all the unstructured data from various sources and consolidate it into a holistic database. 

Cross-platform access

The CRM tool can be accessed from various platforms. Desktop and mobile CRM enables the real estate sales team to productively fulfill all their duties from anywhere an on time. This flexibility helps to save alot of time and increases the efficiency of the sales team. 

Quick response 

Quick customer response is very important for property realtors. With the help of the CRM, you can give an immediate response to the client as you get a notification of every activity of the client. The quicker the response, the more valued the customer will feel which will increase the chances of you closing a deal.

Best for keeping track of customer data

The main benefit of any CRM tool is that it helps to store and keep track of all the activities of your customers. This data is very important for you to make your future marketing strategies and course of action.