Should I Take the PTE Academic or the PTE General for Australian PR?


If you are a student aspiring to study in Australia, you should take the PTE Academic exam (Pearson Test of English).

The PTE General Exam is for individuals who want to settle in other countries or want to move into those countries with a work perspective.

To be eligible for the Australian PR (Permanent Residency), individuals must obtain the minimum required scores in the PTE Academic Exam. It is a computer-based exam.

Why choose PTE Academic tests?

  1. This exam is recognized worldwide.
  2. Australian Department approves of immigration for migration or study abroad purposes
  3. It has a fair and consistent marking scheme
  4. PTA is entirely computer-based.
  5. You get the results within 3 days, contributing to ease in the decision-making process.
  6. Scores of PTE academic are valid for up to 2 years.
  7. Availability of practice tests and online booking.

Minimum PTE scores for Australia PR

PTE is an exam that exclusively tests your proficiency in the English language. The minimum score for qualifying for an Australian PR is 65 points in each module. Your probability of getting a quicker PR invitation will increase if your PTE score is anywhere between 80-85 points. You should have a minimum level of proficiency in Competent English to apply for an Australian PR Visa. The minimum score required in each module is given below:

Level of English ProficiencyModuleMinimum Required PTE Academic ScorePTE Points for Australian PR
CompetentReading500 points
ProficientReading6510 points
SuperiorReading7920 points

How can I score better in PTE Academics for Australia PR?

General Tips

  • Be careful and observant while reading and answering the questions.
  • Practice as many mock tests as possible along with their feedback. Be consistent and practice every day.
  • Be thorough with the exam patterns and how the scoring works.
  • Practice with a timer, analyze and compare your performance.
  • Listen to several success stories and strategize your study plan accordingly.
  • Join a group with similar goals to know your stand.
  • Pay equal attention to all four modules.

For the Reading Section

  • Read books, novels, and magazines to sharpen your reading skills.
  • Read aloud.
  • Practice reading a sentence twice to check for mistakes.
  • While reading, try understanding as well as summarizing the subject matter mentally.

For the Writing Section

  • Grammar is essential. Master it with practice.
  • Don’t write any sentences with uncertainty.
  • For the essay, first, jot down the outline, then start forming the sentences accordingly
  • Do not shift tenses. Let your sentences begin and end with the same tense.
  • While summarizing, be concise and to the point.

For the Listening Section

  • Listen to English news sections and audios. Try to understand the different accents of people.
  • Make sure that you listen till the end of the lecture.
  • Jot down essential points throughout the lecture.
  • Don’t pause the lecture.
  • Direct your understanding from the lecture to the main theme.

For the Speaking Section

  • Look out for accurate pronunciation.
  • Communicate in English and try not to change the language for as long as possible.
  • Try forming sentences with the new words learned and use them in daily conversation.

Important Read – Score Guide for test-takers

Although it is not easy to get an Australian PR, as per the previous year’s statistics, a PTE score above 80/85 can ensure your selection. The reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills don’t develop overnight, but they build gradually with patience and consistent hard work! One month of dedicated hard work can take you miles ahead and make your dream of studying in Australia a possibility. Good Luck!