Storage space in the garden – build a garden house yourself.


Many homeowners want to fulfill a long-cherished dream and build a garden house themselves. No matter whether a tool shed,fastest growing houseplants a gazebo or a small house is to be built to feel good and relax: Building a garden house yourself is not difficult.

Prefabricated kits make work easier

If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can, for example, buy a prefabricated kit in the hardware store. From this, a complete garden house is created within just a few hours. All required parts are already included in it, so that usually nothing has to be bought anymore – of course, under the condition that a basic set of tools is already available. With the help of the detailed instructions provided, even inexperienced craftsmen can quickly build their own garden house. In addition, compared to a garden house, which is already delivered, completely finished and assembled, a lot of money is saved.

If you want to make the house more individual and do not want to fall back on a prefabricated kit, you can of course build the whole garden house yourself. Depending on your personal financial budget, the construction can be significantly cheaper than the prefabricated construction variant. On the other hand, the garden house can also be designed noble and luxurious, if the wallet allows it.

Determine the style of the garden house in advance

Very different styles are possible: From the Asian construction method, as a small temple for relaxation, to a completely self-designed building, which may look like a castle and in which children can really let off steam, to the rather classic garden house made of wood, there are no limits to the imagination. The only important thing is that the cottage matches the rest of the style of the garden. In order not to experience a nasty surprise, later, families who want to build a garden house themselves should agree in advance on the type of house, the material, the feasibility of the ideas, and the costs incurred.

Depending on the respective federal state and the type of garden house, best fertilizers for indoor plants building permit may be necessary under certain circumstances. So before you start building the garden house yourself, you should inquire about it with the city or the municipality.

What kind of foundation makes sense?

If you want to build a garden house yourself, you should build a foundation as a first step. This ensures that the house is stable and safe in the long term. What kind of foundation is needed depends on various factors. For example, it is usually sufficient to pile up some gravel for a simple hut in which only garden tools are to be parked, and fix it with pavement slabs or other flat, even stones. However, if a garden house is to be built itself, which serves as a party room or in which children are allowed to play and romp, a stable foundation makes more sense. A foundation made of reinforced concrete, which is also frost-proof, for example, withstands a lot of pressure and ensures that the garden house can be used safely for many years.

Which wood should be used?

To build a garden house yourself in the open air, there are several types of wood that are well suited. The most important criterion when choosing the wood is the resistance or weather resistance of the variety. Heavy wood species such as teak or Afzelia woods from Africa are very durable, but they usually also have their price. The hard and heavy robinia wood is also very resistant to weather influences. Domestic conifers such as fir and spruce as well as beech or ash, on the other hand, are not suitable for permanent use.

In any case, hobby craftsmen who want to build a garden house themselves should not forget the necessary wood protection. Which remedy is the right one depends, among other things, on the type of wood used. But the location of the garden house also plays an important role here. For example, a house that is often exposed to solar radiation needs different protective measures than one that is permanently in the shade and is therefore more likely to struggle with moisture and fungal infestation.

If you want to build a garden house yourself, you should consider a few things in advance. In no case, however, should you forget how many friends the cottage will make after work. If you want, you can build and plan the garden house yourself together with the whole family. In this way, the building already becomes an event for all family members. Building a summerhouse yourself can also save a lot of money and you can be sure to have a very individual piece in your garden that corresponds exactly to your personal taste.

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