Stress. The Primary factor in Intimate Life


The first consider dysfunction

Nowadays, stress may be a part of everyone’s life. There are many definitions of this idea within the literature. One among them presents it as a powerful reaction of the body among an unpleasant spirit. The intensity of the impact of stress on the body depends on stressful situations, personality type, and unique ways of addressing stress. additionally, anxiety is one of the fundamental psychological factors that account for the maximum amount as 20% of male erectile dysfunction causes

Sources of psychological stress

Difficult life situations are the source of stress. Particularly stressful ones include the death of a lover, divorce, marriage separation, threat to health or life, and dismissal. Factors in the standard of living, like conflicts at work, long-term fatigue, relationship problems, crazy pace of life, or maybe noise, also put a critical strain on the psyche.

In the sphere of Intimate Life, stress and tension are mainly caused by physical disorders, religious prohibitions, inexperience in intercourse, failure to satisfy the sensual expectations of the partner, complexes associated with the looks of one’s own body, and anxiety, e.g., fear of failure as an addict, fear of venereal diseases and fear of unwanted pregnancy.

Relationship of stress with Physical disorders and also the quality of Intimate Life in men

In 31% of Poles, excess stress disturbs Physical functioning. The disorder affects both the body and also the psyche. The body’s response to excess and chronic stress are hormonal disorders, including a rise within the prolactin level, which lowers the number of sensual needs. Reducing the libido level negatively affects the erection mechanism. Cenforce 200 and Cenforce 100 good options for happy love life. On the opposite hand, within the psyche, stress contributes to the sensation of tension, anxiety, lowered self-confidence, and depressive states that make it difficult to get and maintain an erection.

There is also a reverse relationship, namely for several men, and ED causes severe stress and lowered self-esteem, which results in withdrawal from gender and conflicts in a partner relationship. Thus, dysfunction and anxiety affect not only one another but also the standard of family and Intimate Life.

Ways to house stress

To avoid the negative impact of stress on the body, you ought to make sure of both the body and, therefore, the psyche. Ways of managing stress include:

  • Slowing down the pace of life;
  • Reduction within the amount of work;
  • Walk;
  • Sports and physical activity;
  • Rest;
  • Providing the body with an adequate amount of sleep;
  • Rational and balanced diet;
  • Using the support of loved ones;
  • Relaxation exercises;
  • Breathing exercises;
  • Meditation;
  • Relaxation massage using best massage chair;
  • Finding your thanks to relaxing (e.g., being attentive to music, reading books, dancing, hot bath);
  • Expanding knowledge and skills within the field of interpersonal communication;
  • Stress coping training and workshops;
  • Psychotherapy.

Frequent use of varied methods of reducing stress allows you to strengthen the psyche and maintain emotional stability in difficult life situations.

The role of support in managing stress

Social support is defined as help available from people in crises.

This helps the intensity of it, reduces its negative health consequences, and increases emotional stability. Support from the partner is critical because the relationship with the closest person has the best impact on the person during a stressful situation. Within the case of sensual dysfunction, care and understanding of your spouse play a key role in resolving the matter. Moreover, they ensure importance, security, and being loved and strengthen the bond with a partner. Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vidalista 20 secure your intimate life


If erectile dysfunction occurs in 75-100% of partner sensual issues and lasts longer than six months, and causes severe stress and discomfort, contact a specialist.

Erectile problems may be cured. Current knowledge and treatment methods allow you to handle the matter quickly and effectively.

Do not delay the visit to a specialist! impotency may result from other severe, undiagnosed conditions.

If you feel that stress, the reason behind your sensual problems, or other psychological factors, like anxiety, relationship conflicts, sensual trauma, seek help from a psychologist/sexologist psychotherapist.

If you encounter difficult life situations, speak about them, “sweeping under the carpet” causes the buildup of emotions and tension within the body, which causes various disorders.

Use alternative ways of handling stress as often as possible.