The 5-Minute Guide for a Successful B2B Ecommerce Platform


Before we commence, here’s a quick look at some statistics that are related to the write-up you’ll peruse soon. In the second half of 2019, a reputed magazine surveyed around 500 manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in the United States. The survey gave some shocking and amusing results that said nearly 65% of wholesalers had heard about ecommerce sites didn’t use them and 25% of the barn was planning to use an ecommerce site considering their fall in the competitive market. The remaining 10% didn’t answer because they were luddites and relied on word-of-mouth module of business, quite amusing though.

The common problem with the entire slot of manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers is that they wouldn’t taste success. On the other hand, if they ran their businesses in an online marketplace, their investment would have been fruitful. For any business, especially that was born in the last five years from now, having an online presence matters. But that’s not sufficient. Working in the right direction completes the cycle. The ecommerce business platform, especially in the last 5 years, has undergone massive transformations.

The B2B ecommerce market is growing at pace and in the near future, things will become as easy as drinking water while doing business. Understanding the business module and choosing the professional marketplace solutions always ooze the juice of success for a business, whether a startup or pre-established firm. To ensure that your business scales the heights of success, you need to choose the right B2B ecommerce platform. We’ve shortlisted the top 5 B2B ecommerce platforms. Read on, understand them thoroughly, and make the next move.

Presta Shop

Presta Shop is downloadable software that perfectly suits all kinds of midscale to large scale businesses. Using this software, an individual can run a fully-functional online business at the lowest market cost. The software can be customized and supports numerous features & integrations. Such features and compatibility make it a prominent choice among entrepreneurs.


Presta Shop is packed with multiple features like inventory management, multi-channel marketing, loyalty programs, multi currency etc. Such features make it is one of the top professional marketplace solutions preferred on a colossal scale.


Presta Shop is totally free of cost! But its plug-ins, the user needs to spend some pennies for making it even better. Later on, an individual requires paying the fees for purchasing the domain name.

3rd Party Review

 It has mixed reviews related to its use and device compatibility.


Magento is an open-source multi-seller platform in the ecommerce realm. It is widely preferred by website designer owing to its simple yet powerful features. Organizations, whether small scale or large scale, prefer Magento for creating business websites. Its templates can be customized at any time for a seamless experience!


While using Magento for creating a website, you’ll come across different features. SEO management, coupon customization, product reviews, promotion, shipping date selection etc., are some features.


Magento’s open-source version is free of cost but Magento Commerce has a monthly charge of $1988. According to experts, it is costly regardless of the features it provides.

3rd Party Review

Magento is comprehensive that comes along with different add-on features for a website. However, many users complain about its customizing options and security features that demand attention.

Big Commerce Enterprise

An open SaaS-based platform, Big Commerce Enterprise is another prominent choice for professional marketplace solutions. Using it, one can easily launch an ecommerce business website that can be easily customized. With this platform, you can build sleek designs and integrate business tools easily.


Big Commerce Enterprise comes loaded with different features. A variety of customizable design themes, abandoned cart saver, payment options, professional SEO tools, and a lot more are its highlighted features.


Big Commerce Enterprise has nothing to do with free subscriptions. Different rental plans are available for subscribers and for it, the user should contact the Big Commerce team.

3rd Party Review

The overall report mentions it as an optimal market place solution. But users find certain things obnoxious like similar theme, weak color scheme, and non-worthy yearly upgrade plans.


CS-Kart doesn’t demand any introduction. Approximately 23% of entrepreneurs in the United States use CS-Kart for a jumpstart. Not only this, even the pre-established B2B companies adopt this model. The reasons behind its utilization are- customizable forefront, advanced admin panel, and special integrated with shipping and payment options.


Its top features include real-time shipping estimation, tax management, CRM, and a lot more. Through this platform, one can send mass notifications conveniently.


There are different types of plans available for all those who want to choose CS-Kart. For better options, CS-Kart provides 6-month support for B2B and B2C packages from CS-Kart.

3rd Party Review

Although this ecommerce platform has a good overall report, the user might encounter some glitches. Users come across issues like poor upgrade system, bad internal policies, and worst customer support. Considering these reviews, the company can implement positive changes.

Yo! Kart

While talking about marketplace solutions, we cannot miss Yo! Kart. It is self-hosted multi-vendor software adored by entrepreneurs and business tycoons alike. Being a scalable platform, it offers seamless and agile methodologies. Several biggies in different industries prefer Yo! Kart owing to its provision of endless customization arrays.


What else would you need when chosen platform comes equipped with the required features? The set up of features that make it easy to use include a bulk price discount, inventory management, multicurrency facility, and much more.


Yo! Kart offers 3 kinds of multivendor platform packages- GoQuick, GoCustom Lite, and GoCustom. Whichever package you choose for B2B business, you’ll get its lifetime ownership with zero recurring fees.

3rd Party Review

Seamless technical support, immediate assistance, and zero surplus charges are the plus points of Yo! Kart. The only minus point is its complexity that is countered by several users initially. However, things turn smooth after its concept of use is understood by the user.

Wrap Up

In this decade, after the subsidization of COVID-19, things will gain pace and come back on the track. The B2B ecommerce market globally might see a hike between 18%-23% owing to advancements expected in the domain. So, let’s keep fingers crossed and hope for the best jump!

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