The Best Lost Ark Mounts Including the Quickest and Most Free Mounts


The action role-playing video game Lost Ark has already won multiple awards and has amassed a devoted fanbase. The game’s content includes role-playing elements. The fact that this game allows players to explore the open world is one of the reasons why it is considered to be so enjoyable. This is especially true when we are traveling on the mount, as you will be traveling between quests and dungeons, and mounts will allow you to move between locations more quickly. Check out our guides on the best crews and locations to hunt in Lost Ark while you’re here. They’ll come in handy.

Mounts: What Do They Do In Lost Ark

It is not simple to acquire mounts in Lost Ark, nor is it simple to select which mount to acquire given the variety of mounts and the variety of methods available to acquire them. Because the majority of them are available for purchase, everyone is interested in making the best investment possible. Because we want to make everything as simple as possible for you, we have compiled this guide, which includes all the information you need to know about mounts, including how to get free mounts and which mounts are the best in Lost Ark.

A Guide to Acquiring Mounts

As I was saying earlier, there are a number of different paths to obtaining mounts. Some of them can be obtained for free by advancing in the game and completing the quests by killing the monsters, which will increase the percentage of your progress in the game, and as your percentage increases, you will be able to unlock the mounts for free. If you want to finish the entire story more quickly and easily, you should consider reading our Lost Ark Leveling Guide.

Because certain types of mounts can be unlocked after achieving a certain percentage of the overall goal; for example, you need 30% more progress to get a Raptor, or you get the mount as a reward for accomplishing something. Read our Lost Ark Rapport guide to find out about NPCs, Gifts, and Rewards in the game. It’s a good idea if you’re interested in the topic of acquiring rewards.

Additionally, there are mounts that can be obtained by spending the game’s currency on them. After completing the necessary steps, there is a completely distinct option in the menu that can be used to navigate to the mount and acquire it. Check it out in the images that are provided below.

Best And Fastest Mounts

Because of its ability to turn what would normally take minutes into seconds and save a significant amount of time, speed is the most important characteristic of any mount. The speed at which each mount travels can vary, with the quickest mounts being those that can dodge a considerable distance and have a rapid rate at which they cool down.

The following images and captions are required reading as they provide an in-depth look at some of the quickest mounts available in Lost Ark. While we’re on the subject of mounts, be sure to check out our guide to the Top 8 Best Ships in Lost Ark as well.


The Lost Ark Cerberus Mount is displayed in the image that can be found above. It has the potential to have the longest dodge of any of the Lost Ark mounts, which indicates that it travels further than any other mount in the game. As a result, he is a strong contender in the competition to determine which mounts are the fastest and the best in the Lost Ark.

The fact that it has a double dodge is the primary explanation for why he is so quick. Now, let me tell you that cheap lost ark gold is a weak link; the Cerberus has a cooldown time of 12 seconds, which is too much; this means that after the dodge, it will be slow for a total of 12 seconds. Let’s take a look at the following list to find out where the other mounts stand in this competition.


The Tiger is yet another mount that has an exceptional dodging ability. When it comes to distance, it is only second to Cerberus in terms of how far their dodge can travel. The mount is also the leading contender in the competition to determine which of the Lost Ark’s mounts is the fastest.

In spite of this, there are a few other distinctions between them that are very important to highlight in this context of comparison. On the other hand, Cerberus manages to avoid getting hit twice in a single attempt while Tiger only manages to do so once. But even so, it has respectable speed but is a long way behind that of the Cerberus. The only aspect in which the Tiger is quicker than the Cerberus is that it takes 10 seconds instead of 12, but other than that, the Cerberus is more advanced than the Tiger.


The cloud is another adversary that can compete with the tiger and the Cerberus. It is tiny in size when compared to the other two, but it has many reasons to give them a tough time because of the quality of its dodge. It is not far behind the Tiger, which is significant when we compare the size of the two, and this is one of those reasons.

However, the ability of a cloud to become much colder in a relatively short amount of time is what gives it the appearance of being tall. Regarding one’s capabilities and abilities. Read through our Lost Ark Best Trading Skills guide and familiarize yourself with the game’s statistics and strategies if you want to find out more about capacity and skills.


As a result of its ability to double jump, Cerberus has the ability to dodge at the furthest range, while Tiger has the second-furthest reach, placing it slightly higher than Cloud. Cloud, on the other hand, may have a shorter dodging distance than the other two, but its cooldown time is only five seconds, which is only half of what the other two require.

This means that Cloud will be able to dodge again fifty percent of the time, and the majority of players consider the dodge mount to be the best mount in Lost Ark. Cloud is, in our opinion, the most powerful and nimble mount that can be obtained in the game.

Best Lost Ark Mounts

There are more than 60 different mounts to choose from in Lost Ark, but some of them stand out from the others due to their unique gameplay and features. As a result, we have included a list of the top seven mounts that players absolutely need to have in Lost Ark. The vast majority of them can be obtained at no cost; all that is required of you is to advance the narrative and finish some of the objectives. Check out the list that’s been provided below.


Because everyone is a fan of the Jurassic Park movie franchise and curious about the existence of dinosaurs, using a Raptor as a mount can be an extremely entertaining experience. Since having a Raptor as a mount is essentially a perk, in addition to the fact that it is well constructed and appears extremely realistic, as well as the fact that the player has a good time controlling it and it can move fairly quickly, Raptor is definitely one of the mounts that you should try out. As I was saying earlier, you will be able to obtain this mount once you have completed thirty percent of the story. Take a look at the image of Raptor that has been provided for you below to get an idea of how it appears in the game.

The Wolf of the Frost

After completing the first basic level, at which point you have access to a horse as a mount, the Frost Wolf is the very first one you unlock. It is a very respectable mount; it travels quickly, has a very good dodge, and looks great, like some kind of regal animal. As a result, we have included it on our list of the top seven mounts that everyone should try. Please find a picture of it attached below:

Chamkuri with an Evening Glow

After completing the main storyline for Rohendal, you will be rewarded with the Evening Glow Chamkuri Mount. This mount is not capable of being dismantled or destroyed in any way. It is one of a kind in its category because there aren’t very many games that feature Chamkuri in the same capacity as Raptor, and it possesses fairly impressive speed, no weaknesses, a very endearing appearance, and it comes in a variety of colors. In addition, it can evolve into different forms. Because of this, we have included this mount in our list of the top seven mounts that everyone should try at least once. Have a look at the picture of it down here.

Turtle Dove Hill

After completing a questline consisting of five parts, you will be able to obtain the Turtle Mount at no cost. It is situated on the island of Turtle. This particular mount is another one of a kind, just like the others on the list. It is simply unbelievable how the game developers made the turtle into something that can be used as a mount; as a result, we have added it to our list of the top seven mounts that you absolutely have to try. Have a look at the picture of it down here.

Dyorika Warhorse

It is very likely the most intricately crafted and beautifully decorated mount in the Lost Ark. This mount is absolutely adorable due to the fact that not only is it fully armored in black and blue colors, but it also has wings. This mount is located in East Luterra, and in order to obtain it, you will need to put forth some effort. They insisted that we include it on the list because of the numerous capabilities of the mount. Have a look at the picture of it down here.

Vanguard of the Soul

This magnificent mount takes the form of a tiger and is truly remarkable. It comes in either of two colors to choose from. It roars like a real tiger because we have experience riding and controlling the king of the jungle, making this mount a truly unique and exceptional one. Because it is one of the top seven mounts that you absolutely must try, it has a lot of vitality, it is very quick, and it eats there. You will be able to acquire this mount once you have completed Ark Pass by advancing through the levels and accumulating rewards up to the tenth level.

Hoverboard Mount of the Lost Ark

Lost Ark HoverboardThere are two different kinds of mounts, which are the Apostel Hoverboard and the Neugier Hoverboard. These are constructed similarly to jets, with the key difference being that they fly over solid ground. Their actual shape is comparable to that of jets. If you stand on top of them, you’ll be able to move around on them.

The Neugier Hoverboard can be obtained with little effort, whereas the Apostel Hoverboard requires more work. For example, you need to have made at least fifty percent progress in the story, along with a few other requirements. These types of Mounts are very different from any of those that I have discussed earlier on in this guide. Have a look at the picture of the Lost Ark hoverboard mounts that is provided below.

The mounts in Lost Ark are an interesting feature that players get to use in order to get away from their current location and explore the open world at a more rapid pace. The top-tier mounts on our list of the quickest and best mounts in Lost Ark are ones that you should utilize at least once before moving on to the mounts that you consider to be your personal favorites within the game.
Our discussion of Mounts from the Lost Ark Gold store is now complete. What are your thoughts on the matter? Please continue the conversation in the comments section below and share more of your thoughts.