The Best Way to Clean Tile and Grout

tile and grout cleaning
tile and grout cleaning

Although I became certain there could be a clean winner, I changed into equally thrilled with all the solutions. The grout lightened appreciably in each line I examined. This is right news due to the fact that now I realize I’ll be able to ease my tile and grout cleaning every time I want based totally on which cleaners I actually have on hand at the time.

How to Clean Tile Grout

You’ll need at least some combination of the cleaning products we talked about in advance.  The suitable news is that a maximum of these cleaning products may already be in your own home.

For the four cleaning methods I needed: Bar Keepers Friend, white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, blue Dawn, and a toothbrush.

Prepare the Tile And Grout Cleaning Solutions:

  • grout smooth
  • The tile and grout cleaning were simple to make.
  • Mix Bar Keepers Friend and water to make a paste
  • Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste
  • Mix baking soda and vinegar to make a paste
  • Mix the same elements vinegar and blue dish cleaning soap. For a more effective purifier, warm the vinegar within the microwave before including the dish cleaning soap.
  • Once I had all of the answers made, I spread them all on a line of grout cleaning. I purposefully selected the simplest to do parallel lines for 2 motives. Number one, I wanted for you to see in reality if the solution was labored or not, so I left the answer off the connected traces to get a better feel of the earlier than and after.

Also, I didn’t want my cleaning solutions to combine together. Even though most have been pastes, they nonetheless ran a touch once I placed them at the tile and grout cleaning lines.

Let Sit, Then Scrub:

Let the cleansing answers take a seat for a while earlier than you scrub. I best let mine sit down for approximately 10 minutes due to the fact I became so nerve-racking to look which might clean the first-class. I turned into quite positive it changed into going to be the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide answer due to the fact that that labored so properly on my enamel sink.

Depending on how dirty your grout cleaning is, you may want to allow the solutions to sit even longer.  Then sincerely scrub with a toothbrush or a scrub brush. To keep your wrists, try an electric toothbrush!

Rinse With Water:

When you’re done scrubbing, wipe up the pastes and cleansing answers and rinse with a wet paper towel or cleansing cloth.

Seal The Grout:

Now that your tile and grout cleaning is easy, you could need to seal it. This will help it live smoothly longer.