The Latest Architectural Updates In 2022


As the new year begins, we’re looking ahead to the projects we’re most excited about in 2022. They are designed at different scales and consist of a mix of landscapes, museums, architecture, and skyscrapers.

Various cultural and commercial activities are included in the designs, which span five continents and have been under construction for years.

1.     The Taipei Performing Arts:

OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is almost finished in Taiwan. Three separate theatres plug into a central glass cube in this cultural complex, first unveiled by OMA in 2009. Unlike a typical theatre, a circling circulation space will allow the public to observe all the backstage elements.

The OMA concept, which consists of three theatres that operate independently, aims to break away from the typical perception of performing arts facilities as just including a large auditorium, a medium-sized theatre, and a small-size black box. Individual theatres projecting from the core cube define many faces defined by the compact form.

2.     Sydney Modern by SANAA:

In Sydney, the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) has a new expansion designed by Tokyo-based SANAA. The project will revamp the flagship art museum and connect through an outdoor public art garden overlooking Sydney Harbor as the firm’s first structure in Australia. The new structure is intended to be a light, transparent, and open addition to the Gallery’s 19th-century neoclassical structure.

The 19th-century Art Gallery of New South Wales, perched above Sydney Harbour, is redesigned as a sequence of terraced pavilions that imitate the surrounding terrain. The $250 million plan, dubbed the Sydney Modern Project, entails repairing the original tower and constructing an entirely new structure that will nearly quadruple the overall exhibition area. A gallery dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and another erected into a former World War II naval oil tank are among the new venues created as a result.

3.     The San Pellegrino flagship factory, Italy (Bergamo):

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a Danish architecture firm, won a design competition to rebuild and expand the headquarters of the Italian mineral water brand San Pellegrino in 2017. The $102 million facility, located between the Brembo River and San Pellegrino Terme, the Italian town from which the company gets its name, has been called Factory of the Future due to its futuristic arched architecture.

BIG’s serene design integrates features of classical Italian architecture, such as arcades, entrances, and a vast plaza for personnel and visitors, and was conceived as both a bottling facility and a visiting attraction. Internal archways create areas of various proportions while also providing views of the surrounding valley. The mineral water’s journey from mountain to sea will be represented by a landmark pillar built of various rock strata.

4.     House of Abrahamic Family by Adjaye Associates:

The Abrahamic Family House competition in Abu Dhabi has chosen Adjaye Associates. The historic project on Saadiyat Island will bring together three religions by constructing a mosque, a synagogue, and a church.

The project, commissioned by the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity and sitting on a secular visitor pavilion, is a first of its sort.

Bottom Line:

Architecture has always been every passion person’s forte. Being an architect can sometimes be enduring, but it’s innovative when beautiful ideas click off the mind, which results in beautiful designs and perfect outlines.