The missing ingredient in your organization: HRIS software to manage things strategically


Launching a startup needs to begin things from scratch. You’re building a workforce that will resonate with your brand value. To help the business grow in an organized way, you need specific tools. This could reinforce the entire work cycle of your organization. 

Functionalities and features of the traditional tools won’t help you much as most of them are either outdated or won’t go hand-to-hand with your organization’s requirements. 


We urge you to use the Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which could facilitate the solutions to organizational issues, followed by creating a solid bonding between employees and HR. 

This is not the end. You need to know a lot more about HRIS and its functionalities. Let’s delve deeper. 

What’s an HRIS?

HRIS or human resources information system is a software program. It mainly binds the HR or human resources activities with information technology. It includes time-tracking, payroll, management capabilities, accounting, etc. It helps the HR teams to improve the entire process and to stay organized in terms of work.

In a nutshell, HRIS software is the database of your company that helps to track, measure, and automate the tasks to optimize the entire business process. It’s the mitochondrion of your organization that supplies the required power to the other sectors. 

Why is an HRIS important for your business?

Most organizations use an HRIS due to its various benefits. Over the years, this software has catered the organizations with its core facilities like payroll, attendance, recruiting, regulatory compliance, etc. Here you go-

  • Time-saving– As HRIS is a  single source data hub, you can access the records of employees faster. Likewise, an HRIS helps to simplify other processes like PTO requests, PTO accruals, performance management, and balance tracking. Creating reports is easier as well. Therefore, time can be saved. HR can spend more time on strategic actions. 
  • HR cost reduction- Involving labor involves more expenses for the respective companies. However, an effective HRIS solution can be cost-effective along with having a positive effect on profit too. 
  • Maintenance of compliance- To stay on top of regulations, the HRIS system includes automatic updates like Service Organization Control(SOC 2)  & General data protection(GDPR)

Tips to choose an HRIS management system

When you’re switching to the HRIS system, you must discuss these questions with your team members- 

  • Are you spending extra time managing employee information?
  • Is the HR management team making payroll mistakes? 
  • Are the files unorganized and hard to access? 
  • Do you experience a high turnover rate? 

If you’re receiving “yes” for each of these questions, and your team members are ready to cope with the new software, you should install HRIS software. 

1. Form a team

Creating a team of experts would help you to choose the best HRIS software quickly and efficiently. Your team could include –

  • Management representatives
  • IT professionals
  • Team leader 
  • Key stakeholders 

2. Identify the needs 

Review the current HR processes and the other system capabilities to detect the pain points of the organization. This review process should be done by the decision-making team. However, if needed the team could survey the employees and HR managers too. Some factors which are influencing the software must be considered. Here you go-

  • Compensation management
  • Learning management 
  • Labor management 
  • Self-service portal 
  • Mobile application 

3. Set up a budget

Budget plays an instrumental role while running things mellifluously. When choosing the HR management software, you need to think about the other costs related to your business. Then, you should create a base budget range. Once you’re done with this, take the costs into consideration including hardware, software, implementation, and support. However, these things could vary depending on the situation. 

4. Start researching

Accumulate more data about HR  management software and its related functionalities. For example, HR management software may save your time and you want more insights regarding the same. You can visit trusted websites and resources. Once you’re convinced with the information, then move forward to the next step. However, always check whether the data is credible or not. Otherwise, you may face consequences in the future.  

5. View demos 

Demos could be the best way to judge the capabilities of an HRIS. You can ask the vendors to build demos that will include real-life functionalities of an HRIS system. Follow each step which gives you a full-fledged idea of an HRIS system. 

6. Read case studies and reviews 

There are plenty of HRIS applications in the market. To get accustomed to the applications and their working strategy, you need to read the customer stories. The insights will help you to organize your next steps accordingly. Here is an example for you- 

AAPNA HRIS review 

Providing professional services in a timely manner along with flexibility is the main motto of AAPNA infotech. The mobile application of AAPNA  HRIS is created in a way to bypass the need for a static system. Leave application, annual holidays, and birthday calendar could be easily accessed by this application. 


Being a web-based tool, it can be used once they log in. Therefore, it kills more time and causes a delay to perform any of the functionalities. 

Key features of the mobile application

  • Easier leave management 
  • No static workstation is required anymore 
  • Changing the account password is now hassle-free with the settings option. 
  • Applying and viewing the leave balance is easier now. 
  • Admin can check who is taking leave in the next two weeks. 

Wrapping it up 

Having HRIS software is an excellent way to keep the work ongoing without any constraints. There may be ebbs and flows while working with this software, but it’s common as the other software. Creating a satisfying work experience engenders trust and confidence. It helps the employees to stay engaged and productive. 

In case you’d like to know more about the current practices of HRIS by renowned companies, we have few examples for you- 


It can effortlessly manage the employees’ devices, payrolls, and applications- all in one place. The best fact is that Rippling can be integrated with more than 500 applications including slack, office 365, and others. They’re an umbrella of human resource management systems that can automate time tracking, leave and performance management, and many other tasks involved in people management, especially if you’re a fast scaling business.